Interview with New York Music Artist Kasey Marcelle

Hi! How are you?

“Dope. I’m feeling good man. Happy to be with you.”

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

“Honestly I’ve been around for a while, I’m an NYC artist born and bred but it’s so many different people here fighting for attention that sometimes it’s easy to go overlooked.”

When did you start music?

“I’ve been singing as a kid all my life. One of the few memories my mom said she has of me as a baby was that I came to her knee and she expected me to say my first words, but instead I started singing a melody she recognized from the radio and I sounded just like it. She said she knew right there. Professionally, I’ve been making music since 2011.”

Who inspires you the most musically?

“Music is a vibration so that depends on my vibes at the time. Overall I’d have to give it to someone like Marvin Gaye. If I could ask the vocal Gods for a man’s talent, range, knowledge of music, confidence, and star power it would be his. Not to mention Marvin had the ladies lol.”

Any new music coming out soon?

“I just released an EP on 10/02/20 titled “iamKaseyMarcelle” it’s a 6 song project which is my way of introducing myself to a larger audience, basically the rest of the world. At the moment it’s doing well on all music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple music, and Tidal.”

You can check out his website here as well as check out his releases on Spotify

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