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INTERVIEW: Rising Comedian Steve Treviño

Hi Steve, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’m great. Happy to be able to perform again out on the road and have a new special out, My Life In Quarantine, so people can even laugh from home. 

With politics and society becoming much divisive, humor seems to be the one much affected by this – has it been easy for you as a comedian or would you say your brand and own approach makes saves you from all of this?

My material is about my life, stuff people can relate to. I take things that happen to me, to all of us, and find the humor in it. It’s all rooted in real emotion. I stay away from politics. People come to see me because they want to be entertained, they want to laugh and escape for an hour. They are spending their hard-earned money, so I want to make sure they have a good time. 

Despite all of these troubles, there seems to be coming more and more comedians – so how does it feel to slowly find your way into the high podium?

Thank you for considering me in the high podium. I really don’t think about it that way. I’ve always done it because I love it. I never started doing this to be the best or to make money.  I’m just grateful to be able to do it and feed my family and make a living. Which is why the pandemic was so hard. I had to talk about that in my new special, My Life In Quarantine. I had to find a way to get back to work and do what I love. And I knew if I was struggling, people needed to laugh. 

Does this success makes you feel any pressure when putting new material or rather the opposite?

A little bit of both.  Now I really understand my brand.  I’ve found my fans, so I know what I want to say and what they want to hear. Sometimes I miss the mark, but then I just scrap that joke.  When it comes to new material, I just do what’s honest from the heart and what I think is funny. 

So from my understanding you are hitting the road… in the middle of the pandemic – how did that come about?

I’m fortunate enough to live in Texas where things started opening up. The guidelines were strict, but they starting opening up restaurants first, so I got creative and started booking shows in places that I’d never performed before, but that allowed us to follow the state mandated guidelines.

Did you have any second thoughts about it?

I wondered if there would be backlash, sure. But I wanted to work and provide for my family. I think anyone can understand that feeling. I told myself the people who wanted to come would have that choice and the people who didn’t feel comfortable had every right to stay home. But I needed to get back on that stage and there are people out there who really needed to laugh. 

How would this tour work exactly?

A lot of the shows have been at outdoor venues, or big Texas honky-tonks where there is plenty of room to socially distance. Some of the traditional comedy clubs have put plexiglass between the tables. I’m trying to be as socially responsible as possible. For that reason, I’m not doing meet and greets after my shows, which I really miss, but I’m trying to be as safe as possible. 

What can fans expect?

Fans can expect me to do the very best job that I can to make them laugh for an hour straight. Laughter and punch lines are essential in my act and when they see me live, they can expect to have an escape from all the BS in the world.

I am guessing you are balancing some 2020 specific material with other topics? 

Well, sure. We’re all going through this shared pandemic experience, so all my material is about the experience I am having with my wife and my son that we shared during quarantine. But I’m also still going back and doing the material that I was doing before COVID, so it’s kind of a mishmash and actually it’s been really fun.

When and where can people catch you?

Tour dates are still being added and changing as guidelines are constantly in flux, but my live tour dates and ticket links are on my website stevetrevino.com I’ll be in Dallas, Pflugerville, San Antonio, El Paso, New Braunfels, and Chicago soon.  But if you need a laugh, anyone can watch my newest special, My Life in Quarantine, from the comfort of their own home. It’s available on my website. It’s available to rent and stream on any smart device by going to my website as well. It’s a great stay-at-home date night. And a portion of proceeds from any rental before Veterans Day, November 11, will go to veterans’ charitable organizations. 

What else is happening next in Steve Trevino’s world?

A baby! We’re eight months pregnant and couldn’t be any happier, so I’m preparing for the baby with my wife, Renae, aka Captain Evil, which I’m sure will lead to more material. Oh, and listen/watch our podcast, Steve Treviño & Captain Evil: The Podcast, https://stevetrevino.com/podcast/.








Fans can rent My Life In Quarantine today and tomorrow through his website, https://stevetrevino.com, and a portion of proceeds from all sales will be donated to veterans organizations.

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