Get to Know 2Sox

Get to Know 2Sox

Newly released on August 4, 2020, Tokyo Drift by 2sox is gaining popularity on many different social media platforms. Not only is the song doing well on SoundCloud, but is has also garnered the attention of many listeners on Instagram.

You can also listen to 2sox’ newest release on Spotify and Apple Music. The song is very hip-hop/rap and the beat wins your heart almost immediately, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s really delve into this track.

The Ever-Evolving Music Industry

To begin, the artist talks about the quick changing trends in the music industry and the inclination of different audiences.

According to him, fast rapping, like Eminem still does, used to attract audiences around a decade ago. Back then, people used to find this flow to be very popular. However, the artist wonders if there is still room for that kind of fast rapping in todays musical landscape. If the audience is still interested in listening to such fast songs. Trends in the music industry are changing at a rapid pace, like never before, so maybe these incredibly fast-moving tracks can work again.     

Naruto Gets It

In the next part, the artist talks about Naruto, the mischievous adolescent ninja who appears weak as a kitten. However, he still gets everything he yearns for despite being alone and feeble through hard work.   

He finds Naruto to be a wonderful example of going from nothing to something. Zero to Hero. 

Tyler Made It

Moving forward, he also highlights Tyler Gregory Okonma. Also known as Tyler The Creator. Tyler is now a renowned American rapper, songwriter, actor, visual artist, and producer. He earned a huge name by struggling hard for what he wanted. Indeed, Tyler has become a true visionary.

About The Artist 2sox

The artist himself belongs to a Canadian region named Vancouver, 494. He considers this town a notorious but also useless place to live. That’s why he calls it a “ratchet ass” town or, simply put, a dumbass town.

Nonetheless, he finds the people of the Vancouver region nice. And because of this, the artist wants to do something big for them. Such as showing them a way they can also become a big name like the stars mentioned earlier.

According to the rapper, earning a big name, particularly when you belong to a dumbass region, is not easy as pie. He finds accomplishing this purpose really hard and even aggressive; nonetheless, he is in high hopes to achieve something big.

On His Way To Gain Success

He is an up-and-coming artist struggling to achieve a bigger name in the industry and to become a motivation for other people of his town. At present, he is homeless and an unpopular entrepreneur. However, he is on his way to earn a big name in the industry and become an epitome of real struggle and hard work.     

Don’t forget to follow 2sox. Also, listen to the song Tokyo Drift and provide feedback in the comment section below.

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