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5 Clever Instagram Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

In today’s time, Instagram has gained popularity all around the world. People of all ages post regular pictorial or video life updates on this app. Instagram keeps improving according to the needs of its users. It helps many people gain popularity internationally. Such people who become popular through this platform are called influencers! Their main source of income is creating engaging content on Instagram. 

Multi-national companies and startups also use Instagram as a form of marketing. I am sure most of you reading this article have purchased something by seeing an ad on Instagram. We are all guilty of doing it!

Whether you’re an aspiring influencer looking to gain an audience on Instagram or you’re a successful one, looking to brush up your skills, these Instagram hacks are for you. These hacks are also for people looking to personalize Instagram according to their liking!

Important tricks for Instagram:

  1. Mute spammers:

We all know people who like to post a little too frequently, whether it’s posting on the Instagram wall or it’s posting a hundred stories each day, It’s annoying.

Instagram has introduced an update just for you. You can now mute spammers or people you dislike but want to remain on good terms with! How?

The next time they post a story or a picture:

● Click on the three dots on the upper right of their post.

● A few options will pop up.

● Choose the second last option, “Mute”.

● Instagram will ask you if you want to mute just posts or posts & stories both.

● Choose whatever you prefer!

And you instantly get a cleaner Instagram.

2. Instagram online profile viewer:

If you didn’t know about this, then you’re about to thank us in a minute! 

There are several Instagram online profile viewers like Pikdo, where you can look up any account to see their statistics, most famous posts, their followers, and the following like instazu.

It also shows you the most famous hashtags, which, when used, can help you in attracting an audience to your account.

3. Turn notifications on:

Do you have a lot of people on your Instagram account? If you couldn’t care enough about their posts but constantly seem to miss out on your close circle’s posts and stories, this option is a lifesaver for you. It is ideal for famous accounts who get spam, too.

● Go to the selected person’s account.

● Select any post

● Tap on the three dots on the extreme top right of the post.

● Options will pop up.

● Choose the option that says “Turn on Post Notifications”

● And you’ll be instantly notified about everything they post!

4. Restrict accounts:

If you don’t want someone’s comments to be visible to your followers, you can open Instagram > settings > Privacy > Restricted accounts. Then type in the username of whoever you wish to restrict. 

Don’t worry! The restricted person will never find out they’ve been restricted. They can still engage in your posts, but your audience won’t be able to see it.

5. Track your activities:

If you want to know what links you visited during the month via Instagram, then just go to settings > Your activity, and two sections will appear. One of them is “Links” and it shows all the links you accessed through Instagram in the last 30 days.

If you think you’re spending too much time on Instagram, then go to the “Time” section and select manage your time. Whatever time limit you select, you will be notified when it is up.

To sum it up:

These are some of the very few up-to-date tricks related to Instagram that surprisingly not a lot of people know about. These hacks are amazing for anyone wanting a better, more personalized experience on this famous app.

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