The Future of Streaming Revolution is Good for Consumers

The Future of Streaming Revolution is Good for Consumers

None of us would have thought that streaming would be the new norm for all of us. The past decade saw some significant technological changes in the digital world, which opened up countless opportunities for streaming to broaden its horizon and venture into more than just video streaming. 

What major changes and new things has the streaming revolution brought in the field of entertainment and technology? And how is it good for consumers, what prominent features will change the way our lives run? This blog will try to answer all these questions. 

Streaming Revolution and Entertainment

Did you ever imagine that there are going to be streaming services to keep you entertained? From music to movies, games, live streaming, and more. Just a click away.

There used to be a time that all these platforms had a different medium of their own, which required us to download these services online. Or we had to buy a cassette or a CD for them. Now all you have to do is get a subscription online and just download it on your device. Everything in the same place with no extra effort required. 

Streaming has even replaced cable TV with a major number, and people prefer those for their daily news, sports, and entertainment. Services like Sling TV and Hulu+ Live TV have an all in one feature at almost half the price of your regular cable TV network. 

Whereas Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+ are currently leading for the best entertainment video-on-demand streaming services. Production of original content in these streaming services has created an impact on the overall production industry. 

Worldwide Impact of Streaming

Streaming took the world by storm, not just a few countries, the whole world. Streaming services are always working to increase their reach in all countries.

Netflix has the most massive audience, with over 190 million subscribers from around the globe. It has a different catalog for each region based on copyrights and licensing issues. Currently, the American library is the most versatile of them, but it’s hidden for other areas. 

Luckily it is easily crackable, and you can watch American Netflix in UK, Canada, Australia, across Europe, and Asia. Netflix even partners up with local production houses and creates region-based original content for its local audience.

Disney+ is currently working hard on its expansion plans globally. By 2021 they will have their reach in Asian countries, which were the only ones left behind.

Replacing Cinemas

We all love the theatrical experience and the dramatics that involve in accentuating the whole movie theater mode. But the pandemic has caused a significant blow to their business, and with COVID-19 in full swing, there are fewer chances for its revival. 

Even if things do get back to the way they were, it will be expensive. Paying that much for a single movie when you have a whole library of them at home, or you can get a monthly subscription for that price. 

Numerous people have invested in a mini home theater at home, with all the essentials, including a 4K UHD TV, external speakers, and whatnot. Having access to all these features in your home creates a relatively comfortable environment for people who now prefer home movie nights rather than going to the cinemas. 

Of course, there are still some of us who would enjoy movies in the cinema every once in a while, but this too will be in a reduction as the world copes with a deadly pandemic. But it is no lie that streaming is what people will pick first. 

Evolution of Streaming Devices

Remember, when computers were the only place where one could stream a video or a game online. Long gone are the days when siblings would fight to watch their favorite movie or play their game in a house where there used to be only one computer. 

But the evolution of Streaming has brought out numerous devices where you can stream whatever you want. These gadgets have proved to be a huge technological advancement with internet connectivity and high speed with low-latency. 

These devices have made streaming possible on all scales and mediums, from TV, computers, mobile devices to streaming gadgets like Roku, Chromecast, and gaming consoles. The price range for each device ranges from high to low, making it accessible for all, even people on a budget, because everyone deserves it. 

Andre Matthew
Author: Andre Matthew

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About Andre Matthew

Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Andre Matthew, based in California. andrematthew209533{@}

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