Healthy Sports You Can Still Play During Pregnancy

Healthy Sports You Can Still Play During Pregnancy

Healthy women who have an uncomplicated pregnancy are strongly advised to stay active and enjoy physical activities. Healthy women can engage in sport to keep their bodies active and fitter and build up their muscular and bodily strength. Regular exercise prevents excessive weight gain and obesity, and regulates the mental wellbeing of a pregnant woman. It will also help you to enjoy lesser complications and a shorter, healthier birth.

More importantly, physical activity cuts down the risk factors of various illnesses, such as cancers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. However, when you are pregnant, it is crucial to be careful about the sports you choose because certain sports, especially contact sports, can put you at risk of injuries.

According to Sylvia Manman Kang, Founder of MiraCare “Contrary to what most people believe, physical activity during pregnancy is highly recommended, healthy and safe, as long as you’re avoiding sports that are risky and harmful. You can engage in various sports, with a few mindful changes. Consider joining a maternity sports team to enjoy sport from your fellow players”


Swimming is the safest and healthiest activity for pregnant women. It is the best exercise to burn calories, keep off excess weight and keep your body lean and healthy. Swimming requires full body movement, and it will work all your muscles to build strength.

Pregnant women are strongly advised to take up swimming as it will keep their entire body active and fit, which will prove helpful in adjusting to the transitions taking place in their body as their baby continues to grow.

It is ideal to start swimming in the earliest stages of pregnancy to keep yourself active and energetic.


As opposed to most contact sports, badminton requires calculative movements that are greatly beneficial for the body. It is played within the boundaries of the court, which somewhat restricts the movements of the player.

It will give your body an excellent warm-up and keep you on your toes, keeping your body energetic and active. Just be sure to pay badminton for limited durations, and only during the early stages of pregnancy.


If you’ve been an active runner and athlete before pregnancy, it is ideal to continue engaging in this sport even after you’ve conceived. It is safe, as long as you are mindful of your strides and speed. If you’ve been a regular runner, it will not affect your body negatively. In fact, it will keep your muscles energetic and help you build up your lower body strength, particularly the muscles in your legs. This will prove immensely useful in the later months of your pregnancy as body increases, requiring immense strength for simple movements.


Pregnant women can play tennis, especially if they’ve been playing tennis regularly before conceiving. If you have your doubts, Serena Williams is the perfect example to take inspiration from. Serena Williams was pregnant when she bagged the Australian Open Trophy back in 2017.

Tennis will help you build up strength in your arms and hands, and help you burn calories. This strength will prove immensely monument in the last months of your pregnancy, when even the simplest of movements will seem like moving a mountain. Just be sure to avoid overdoing it.


Golfing can help you workout when you are pregnant. Not just your upperbody tuning will be into play but also if you don’t use cart to commute and prefer to walk, your body will be even more into movements and physical exercise. It is also a great sport for developing your mental stamina which is good for your motherhood when you are pregnant says Scott Ferguson, Chief Editor of iOverGolf

Table tennis

If tennis seems too hard and intensive, consider taking up table tennis, which is much similar to badminton in being calculative and requires limited movement. This game can be played indoors and you can set up a table at home to avoid stepping outside and playing in the heat or dust.

You can enjoy a healthy exercise without exposing your body to excessive stress or movement. You simply have to toss a ball around on a table, which will keep you mind engaged and allow you to enjoy a safe exercise to stay active.

Staying Safe: Avoid Excessive Activity

Pregnant women are strongly advised to keep themselves active and energetic, as long as they are mindful about avoiding excessive activity, especially one that involves jumping and hopping. You can safely engage in numerous sports during the early months of your pregnancy, but keep checking in with your doctor to make sure what’s safe and what’s harmful for your case.

Be sure to avoid contact and collision sports, such as netball, kickboxing, boxing, judo, karate, rugby, football, martial arts, hockey, volleyball and basketball. Any sport that puts at risk of being hit in the stomach must be avoided at all costs.

Scuba diving is also considered unsafe as it puts you at the risk for decompression sickness. It can make you vulnerable for miscarriage, and it also increases your risk for giving birth to an infect with birth defects. If you’re planning to continue running or any sport that you’ve always enjoyed playing, be sure to consult your doctor for professional advice.

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