Cooking with Kratom: Tips to Make Tasty Kratom Food

It’s no secret that kratom is a powerful herb. Used for a variety of discomforts and health issues – including opiate withdrawal – kratom is slowly but surely establishing itself as one of the most promising naturopathic remedies of the modern age thanks to companies like that provide high quality kratom strains at competitive pricing. But for as beneficial as the stuff might be, it sure does taste bad.

Kratom isn’t exactly what you would call a tasty treat, so some people end up having to hold their breath before taking a dose. Fortunately, it can be mixed in with food to mask its bitter flavor. But even then, just tossing a spoonful of kratom with your favorite smoothie won’t always result to culinary success.

Here are a few tips for cooking with kratom to help you concoct delicious dishes while maximizing the herb’s benefits.

Use the Right Textures

One of the reasons why the kratom taste tends to stick out is also because of its interesting texture. When incorporated into food, the grainy, gritty texture tends to shine through which in turn might trigger the gag reflex, especially for picky eaters. That said, it’s always best to choose ingredients that will hide the grainy mouth feel.

Smooth foods like yogurts, smoothies, shakes, and jams will highlight the odd kratom texture and make it difficult to down. Instead, incorporate foods that are naturally gritty, chunky, and grainy like peanut butter, grains, oatmeal, and even other powders for seasoning. Hiding the texture should make kratom far more palatable.

Contrast with Other Flavors

The more complex the flavor of your dish, the easier it becomes to conceal the bitter taste of kratom. Opt for a more multi-dimensional recipe by incorporating a variety of flavors from fruits, vegetables, grains, and other whole-plant sources. A dynamic flavor profile should mute out the bitterness and make it more of an endnote or aftertaste rather than a primary flavor.

Similarly, you might want to avoid ingredients that also tend to showcase bitterness. Things like unrefined chocolate, broccoli, cabbage, kale, coffee, and green tea might all seem like viable ingredients for a kratom fix, but their bitter undertones can make it harder to fully appreciate the experience.

Avoid High Temperatures

There’s no question that steeping kratom as tea or mixing it in with your favorite cookie dough are some of the more popular ways of enjoying the herb. But emerging science suggests that placing kratom in high heat conditions could actually damage the alkaloids it contains, and thus dampen the overall benefits that the batch produces.

Low temperature recipes that call for heat no more than 375 degrees Fahrenheit should be just fine, especially if the kratom is combined with a wet mixture. But if a recipe calls for temperatures higher than that, then you might want to consider trying something else lest you mess up your kratom’s chemistry.

Take Note of Interactions

There are certain stimulating foods that might interfere with the effects you get out of your dose. While these interactions might not be too prominent, many of these foods are consumed more than once a day. So they may result to certain side effects especially if you take extra servings once the kratom is in your system.

Caffeine is one of the most prominent stimulants known to exist in the human diet, and it may either elevate or dampen the effects you get out of eating kratom. As a general rule, you’re going to want to avoid foods that have high levels of caffeine in order to achieve the benefits you’re after.

Then, there are ‘potentiators’. Foods like grapefruit are known to prevent the breakdown of certain enzymes during the digestive process. This in turn keeps the active ingredients of kratom in your system for a longer period of time. And while that might seem like a benefit, it also increases the risk of side effects.

Avoid grapefruit, monosodium glutamate, and even certain types of cheese which tend to act as potentiators to prevent the unwanted and elevated side effects of kratom.

Manage Your Doses

Another common mistake that people make is that they forget all about doses when cooking with kratom. For instance, if you’re baking an entire tray of brownies, then you should mix in enough kratom so that each brownie cut provides a person with the ideal dosage. Tossing in just a single dose of kratom means that each slice will produce just marginal effects at best.

If you’re preparing a meal for just one, make sure you measure out your ingredients properly. If you plan to mix in just the precise amount that you need for a single dose, ensure that the final amount of food you prepare will be just the right serving for you to finish in one sitting.

Avoid Leftovers

In connection with the last point, it’s important that you avoid preparing an excess of food that you end up having to store some away for later. The moment that kratom is mixed in with food, it begins to degrade and break down, which means that it won’t be quite as potent or effective later on. Its quality becomes even more questionable once it’s placed in a fridge or reheated.

Whenever preparing food with kratom, always try to ensure that you’re making just enough for one sitting. If you have to store the food, keep it in the freezer and away from other uncooked food like fish and meat. Try to consume what’s left over within a day or two from storage, and expect that it won’t give you quite as much of a kick as it did when you first prepared it.

Over to You

It takes more than just tossing in a teaspoon of kratom to create a five-star dish. Kratom is a unique ingredient that requires particular understanding in order to get the best results. So before you cook up your next kratom treat, make sure you understand the basics so you can maximize the benefits of the herb without having to sacrifice on the taste and quality of your cooking.

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