Actor Ethan Hawke Tapped to Star in Upcoming War Thriller “Zeros and Ones”

This isn’t Ethan Hawke’s first war: The erstwhile actor, who has just been announced today as one of the prominent actors to be featured in the upcoming war thriller film Zeros and Ones has had his share of dance’s with the topic of war in his impressive filmography. Hawke first upped for enlistment to good effect as an American G.I. in director Keith Gordon’s World War 2 drama A Midnight Clear and then as a WW2 Marine veteran in the terrifically underrated film Snow Falling on Cedars; which brings us to his latest outing as a military man in Zeros and Ones.

 In Zeros and Ones, Ethan Hawke will play an American soldier positioned in a Rome that is besieged by war and under lock down. Just how bad does it get for Hawke’s character and the fine people of Rome, Italy? Bad enough apparently where, as a major plot point, the Vatican (yes, that Vatican) is obliterated by a deadly explosion, leaving Hawke on a quest to discover who is behind this deadly rampage that threatens to engulf the world. Flop sweats, anyone?

 The film will mark a reunion between Ethan Hawke and writer-director Abel Ferrara (China Girl). Previously, the two had worked together on the acclaimed documentary Chelsea on the Rocks. Set to start shooting in Italy later this month, the film will also feature the acting talents of Cristina Chiriac and Phil Neilson.

 “Zeros and Ones is a film of lockdown and war, danger and espionage, American soldiers, Chinese middlemen, Mid-Eastern holy men, provocateurs, diplomats, rogue elements of the CIA and KGB,” offered director and writer Ferrara in a statement to our vaunted pals over at The Hollywood Reporter. “I cannot wait to roll the cameras next week in a way that is safe because this film was written during and with an understanding of the pandemic.”

 Christian Mercuri, whose Capstone Group will be responsible for launch sales this coming week at AFM under its Blue Box International brand, chimed in with his own thoughts about the impending project: “Coupled with world-class production values and locations that include the eerie backdrop of present-day Rome which has a feeling of Paris at the end of WW2, this film is a package not to be missed.”

 Diana Phillips of Rimsky Productions and Phillip Kreuzer of Maze Pictures will produce Zeros and Ones, while the aforementioned Christian Mercuri (cool name, by the by) will co-rep domestic on the film with CAA Media Finance.

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