4 advantages and disadvantages of using Medisupps Supplements

Under what circumstances does it make sense to include nutritional supplements in the daily diet? In this article, we would like to show you the advantages and disadvantages of supplements for your diet. To buy best medicine supplements plan for you can visit Medisupps.com where you can also consult with professional doctors and they will suggest the right Medicine supplements plan for you.

Disadvantages of supplements!

  1. The quality fluctuates!

There can be significant differences in quality between the various products. As with natural foods, you should, therefore, pay attention to what you consume every day because, in the long run, you can otherwise easily harm yourself. Always keep in mind that dietary supplements are not pharmaceuticals and are, therefore, only subject to limited controls, especially if they come from abroad.

  • The “overdose” problem!

Overdoses can occur quickly, especially with vitamin preparations. A strong overdose of various vitamins is dangerous and can lead to permanent damage to the organism. The recommended intake for one day is also included with the supplements but ignoring the fact that many other nutrients are also supplied through food.

  • Food supplements and pollution!

We emphasize this point again and again because all too often the intake of dietary supplements is interpreted as fundamentally harmless, but this is not the case depending on the purchase. In Germany approx. 15-20% of the food supplements contain an impurity in the form of anabolic substances, for the better sale of the products or metals and other substances – the number of unreported cases should usually be even higher. If you consider that food supplements are recognized as food, this is extremely questionable for German hygiene standards, etc. American products are said to be doing even worse in statistics. When buying, therefore, pay attention to quality and not just to the price!

  • Subject interaction!

Natural foods usually have a very wide range of different nutrients. The interactions between the many substances it contains are often not yet known or are very complex. However, it is precisely these interactions that often have positive effects on our body. These can of course only be included in the manufacture of dietary supplements in the form that research allows.

The benefits of supplements!


  1. The targeted composition!

Products are available depending on their composition or can be mixed together by yourself. It is food, so there is no risk of negative interactions. The amount of intake can be precisely dosed and does not fluctuate as with natural foods, which greatly simplifies and clarifies the control of the intake.

  • The supply of nutrients!

Due to the easy availability and the simple preparation, food supplements offer the possibility of quick nutrient absorption, to generate the desired nutrients.

  • Storage and transport!

The generally simple handling of the products speaks in favor of the supplements. Whether capsule, powder, ampoules, tablets, etc. the intake, transport, and storage is usually very simple and often fits very well into stressful everyday life. It is precisely this simple and specific time management that makes dietary supplements so attractive to many.

  • Use specific nutrients in a targeted manner!

In addition to the composition, individual nutrients are also available in a way that would often not be found in nature alone, which enables the specific consumption of such products. For example, creatine, alanine, glutamine, etc. can be taken individually and pure and thus achieve the desired results.


We would like to summarize the topic of dietary supplements for you.  We are aware that there are still tons of advantages and disadvantages to this topic. We have already written some articles on the subject ourselves. There are advantages and disadvantages of supplements that should be considered before ordering the full range. There are certainly some useful things that can help you achieve a goal, but you should always keep an eye on the quality!

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