Yes, ‘Home Improvement’ Went To A Lions Game On Thanksgiving

To me, November is a month I associate with football. That may be because I’m from Detroit. Even if you aren’t a football fan, you probably know what I am talking about. For decades, the Detroit Lions have played on Thanksgiving, alongside the Dallas Cowboys. It’s tradition. It’s one of the rare Thanksgiving traditions out there, along with the Macy’s parade and eating turkey I guess. These days, Thanksgiving seems to basically be erased by Christmas, which I do not appreciate. There’s more football to November than just Thanksgiving, of course. Right now, college football and the NFL are both going strong. The fall weather screams football. The Lions losing screams football. Which got me thinking about football and pop culture, naturally.

Then I started thinking of Home Improvement. Wait, hear me out. There’s a reason for that. Home Improvement was set in the Detroit area, because Tim Allen is from around here. That meant there was a lot of Detroit and Michigan sports worked into the mix. Tim “The Toolman” Taylor wore a lot of sports apparel and college apparel. I remember one time when he and his friends were trying to split up their Pistons season tickets. Given this, I had to check and see if the Lions, and specifically Thanksgiving, ever popped up on Home Improvement.

Indeed, the Lions play a prominent role in two episodes of the show. The first time was actually in the third episode of the show, when Tim gets distracted by a Lions game during a romantic dinner with Jill. So…I guess the Lions were on Sunday night? Or they did a date night on a Monday? Even though they have three kids in school? This wasn’t the summer. The Lions don’t play then. However, mostly I am happy to report they indeed did an episode that involved the Lions playing on Thanksgiving. Specifically, Tim and the family get to watch the Lions on Thanksgiving from a luxury box. Then Tim causes a blackout at the old Pontiac Silverdome (R.I.P.) but then also Rodney Dangerfield stops by the luxury box.

There are few shows that could do a storyline about the Lions playing on Thanksgiving, much less going to a Lions game. I’m glad Home Improvement jumped on that. Thanks, Toolman. Also, thanks Rodney Dangerfield I guess?

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