Weekend Movie Recommendations: New To HBO Max Edition

Since it’s the first week of the month, my theme for my movie recommendations isn’t genre related. When a new month begins, all the streaming services add new titles. If you have been waiting to find new stuff to watch, now is the time. I decided to check in on what was added to HBO Max, since they are still fairly new and building a library. I’ll have you know Christmas stuff is already being added, which is early for me but whatever. Watch A Flintstones Family Christmas if your heart desires. Here are three movies new to HBO Max that would make for a fine weekend evening of film viewing.

If you are looking for a family movie experience, you can start with The Lego Batman Movie. Of the Lego movies that have been made, that’s the only one I think is any good. Mostly because it exists entirely in the universe of the film, as opposed to the meta stuff The Lego Movie pulled. It kind of reminds me of the vibe of the ‘60s Batman TV show, and it’s a lot of silly fun. Plus, it does look cool, I must admit. There’s something about the Lego-style of animation that is appealing on occasion, though I imagine I would grow weary if it if it was more common.

Billy Madison Review | Movie - Empire

OK, so you started with something the whole family could enjoy. Now that it’s a little later, you can kick it up a notch to the realm of PG-13. I am not a big fan of Adam Sandler’s comedies. I do really enjoy Happy Gilmore, though. That’s the one through-and-through good Sandler comedy. It’s dumb, yes, and a bit sophomoric. I still laugh a bunch, and Christopher McDonald is a great villain. HBO Max also just added Billy Madison, but that’s barely a movie, even if it has some funny jokes.

I wanted to try and find an R-rated movie for the third and final recommendation, but I couldn’t really find one worth recommending, even on the dramatic side. It’s all horror movies and Old School, which isn’t a good movie. So instead I’m going to recommend ending the day with a perfect midnight movie choice, Troll 2. There’s a documentary about Troll 2 called Best Worst Movie. Need I say more? If you like to watch a bad movie and laugh at it, Troll 2 is a fine choice, and a fun way to end your evening of movie watching.

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