Relm Diggie

Relm Diggie Releases “Here We Go Again” Video Against Police Brutality

Introduction of Relm Diggie

Relm Diggie is a rapper, singer, and songwriter who is telling his story in his way. He was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Relm was passionate about writing and storytelling since his childhood. His name is derived from the word realism since his music provides realism to the world. With his passion for writing, he knew he should pursue a career in music. He brings a unique sound to every single and project he puts out. He always wants to keep listeners on their toes as he expands his brand and creativity. He wants to use his music and journey to inspire others but, most importantly, his son. 

A little History about Relm Diggie 

Since as early as 4th grade, Relm Diggie was inspired to write and share his story with the world. Once, he had a reading class where his teacher asked his students to write a story. Relm wrote a story 20 minutes before it was due. After seeing this, his teacher said to him never to put down his pen. 

The Tragedy of Relm’s Life

Relm Diggie had faced many life-changing experiences, including the time when his manager was murdered, who was also a family friend, and he was the one who was called to identify the body. It was the most painful hinder of his life and career as it came only three weeks after his wedding. He had just gotten married to his high school darling. This was a difficult moment for him. He and his manager had worked so hard on his career. It became more painful when he became a suspect as he was the last one in the studio and was the last to see his manager alive. With time, the real suspect was found, and Relm got off the hook. 

Relm’s Journey as a Singer

Relm got his first break in 2003 when his song was played on the local radio station. The love and support he received pushed him to take a giant leap of faith and move across the country to California. His move to California was not easy as he endured many obstacles and struggles early on. 

Over the last 20 years as an artist, Relm has worked with some big names. He’s collaborated with artists like Bizzy Bone, E. White, and Mr. Kane. He’s also toured with Cash Money, Mobb Deep, and D-12. Moreover, Relm has taken his talents across the globe, performing in other countries like Doha and Qatar.

In 2019, Relm found himself facing another obstacle, living out of his truck. The bout with homelessness did not discourage him. It forced him to get in gear and work harder towards his goals. Relm knows he’s meant to be in music. During this time, he sold his CD’s to make extra money for gas and other necessities. 

Considering recent affairs, Relm wrote a song ‘Here we go again’ protesting against brutal police behavior towards black people and released it weeks ago. People have admired and loved it, and it has gained millions of audiences. Follow the below link to listen to this song

Relm’s plan in his career is to write books and write movies. We wish him good luck with more success. If you want to get more updates about him, follow him on Instagram at

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