The health benefits of drinking coffee in the winter

Everyone enjoys their coffee in the morning. It keeps us on our toes and many people can’t start their morning without it. It has also been proven that coffee consumed in small amounts is beneficial for our health. Some studies also point to the fact that drinking coffee can also be very good for our skin. Here are our top reasons why coffee should be your go-to winter beverage: 

Fight off coughs and colds:

Autumn and winter are the key time that we pick up coughs and colds. We spend more time indoors together in poorly ventilated rooms which is a breeding ground for bugs. Coffee contains loads of vitamins and nutrients including vitamin B2 and B5 which help keep you fit and healthy. 

Coffee can improve your metabolism: 

Caffeine stimulates your nervous system which signals fat cells to breakdown body fat. Maintaining a healthy weight is key to your overall health. In the winter we can feel lethargic and unmotivated to exercise and some studies have pointed to the fact that regular coffee drinkers can be less predisposed to suffering from Type-2 Diabetes. 

Coffee can help you fight depression: 

Winter can be a challenging time for our mental health. Seasonal Effective Disorder (or S.A.D) is caused by our lack of exposure to sunlight. In a Harvard study published in 2011 found that women who drank three to four cups of coffee a day had a 20% lower risk of suffering from depression. 

A great source of antioxidants: 

For people in the west who may eat a lot of carbohydrate-rich food, coffee could be one of the biggest sources of antioxidants in their diet. Several studies have shown that coffee that many people get most of their antioxidants from the consumption of coffee rather than fruit and vegetables. There’s plenty of joint support

So, what is the best kind of coffee to drink to maintain optimal health? 

Coffee comes in many different forms, whole beans, green beans, pre-roasted and ground and also freeze-dried and sold as instant coffee. In terms of nutrition, organic black beans or ground very fresh coffee will contain the most nutrients. Some research also points to the fact that a dark roast blend will have a higher antioxidant level than a light or medium roasted variety of coffee. 

Rave coffee continuously strive to source the best quality raw product possible. Looking in all sorts of direction globally.   We aim to source coffee that scores 82 points or above on the SCA scale for quality for all of our blends; and 84+ for our single origins as a minimum starting point. We believe in great coffee.

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