Health Benefits of Cannabinoids

Cannabis or Medical Marijuana contains CBD and THC which are the cannabinoids. CBD has been seen to make brain functions better and along with the THC in it which is known for its relieving properties. These have been seen to improve a lot of symptoms caused by other illnesses like cancer, epilepsy and Multiple sclerosis. The health benefits of cannabinoids are yet to be accepted by many as the FDA has labelled cannabis or marijuana as a schedule 1 controlled substance and declares that it does not have any therapeutic or beneficial effects.

However, it has been seen in history that cannabis has been used by many societies for several therapeutic applications. Furthermore, there are more and more researches and studies that have been made that show evidence that marijuana or cannabis is really an effective remedy especially if the cannabinoids are taken as an isolate or in its purest form.

Advantages of Medical Marijuana

With the wave of legalizations, these points have been made to discuss the beneficial advantages of cannabis and the cannabinoids found in them. These findings are from the summary of the studies and researches made on this chemical compound that is said to have a therapeutic effect on patients and its use as a medicinal component.

  • Cannabinoids are an effective treatment for vomiting and nausea. It has been seen in studies that medical marijuana can alleviate the side effect of chemotherapy used in treating cancer.
  • Cannabinoids provide relief to muscle spasms associated with MS or multiple sclerosis.
  • Cannabinoids can improve the loss of appetite associated with HIV/AIDS and some cancers.
  • Cannabinoids are proven to relieve types of chronic pain like neuropathic pains.
  • Marijuana is a safer, more natural option to alleviate the mentioned symptoms.
  • Marijuana is not only limited to being smoked, it can be ingested or consumed in other forms like extracts and distillates.
  • Isolate cannabinoids found in Cannabis are found to be super beneficial to humans as well.
  • Marijuana has been benefited from for ages and not a single death has been associated directly with an overdose of Marijuana.

Disadvantages of Medical Marijuana

After all the discussed advantages of medical marijuana and the cannabinoids found in it. We cannot deny like any other drug that is available in the market today, there is always a risk of side effects. Here we will discuss the disadvantages of medical marijuana and the cannabinoids that are abundant in it.

  • Frequent marijuana use can affect our short term memory
  • Frequent marijuana use can affect cognitive abilities
  • Damage in the Lungs due to smoke
  • Risk of Addiction and Abuse
  • Associated with a high number of vehicular accidents
  • Being a Schedule 1 Controlled substance, it is deemed that cannabinoids have no medicinal value as per the FDA.

Bottom Line

Throughout the history of mankind, it has been seen that before it was labelled as a narcotic. People and societies around the globe have somehow come across this plant and have enjoyed its effects. Marijuana itself has an intriguing history too.

However, due to man’s persistence due to their deep interest in this plant, has pursued science and studied almost everything about it.

Marijuana is indeed prone to abuse, just like any vice that is legally available for us today. Even alcohol and opioids are abused daily. But, there are also patients that we have to consider who can truly benefit from this plant in relieving their current conditions and allowing them to have a better quality of life.

In countries that have allowed both medical and recreational uses of marijuana, their constituents are able to take advantage of these health benefits of cannabinoids. On top of that, they are also allowed to grow their own plants and buy cannabis seeds online or from seed banks near their locations, to make it a more affordable and sustainable medicine for those who really need it.

It is true, that marijuana is used and abused recreationally by many, however, it has also been discovered in researches and studies that not only that marijuana plant provides a “recreational effect”, but records have shown that marijuana and the cannabinoids in it are truly beneficial in many special ways that even those who don’t agree with it, cannot deny it.

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