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Rupal – A Mother-Hood blogger

Believe me when I tell you that being a parent is not a piece of cake. It is a great responsibility when you have to raise a person to full adulthood where they can make their own proper decisions and also take responsibility for them. Being someone’s mentor is a big task and you have to be very careful about everything that you teach them which requires  a lot of love, caring, understanding, and, most importantly, time to give your child so that they feel safe and secure and grow up as happy kids.  If it is done right, though it is the most challenging thing you might ever do and most important one too, then your children will surely get the reward of it for their whole life.

Learning from your parents life/ peers can really help you in finding many solutions to the problems you face daily as a parent but did you know if you are still looking for solutions to the problems that you are facing, then parenting blogs can be a really helpful resource too. Reading about a fellow mom struggles, her journey and challenges, resources she found very helpful can really help any mom connect with her and find the much needed support that she has been looking for.

An example of one such really helpful resource for moms is a parenting blog Totally MOM-Sense which was started by Rupal Srivastava after she had her daughter in October 2017. Rupal who is a Mechanical Research Engineer by profession turned into a mom-blogger after she started penning down her new mom moments in her blog. Rupal’s journey as a blogger started long before even she knew it, suffering from separation anxiety of leaving her three month old daughter in daycare, she turned to writing to relieve her of all that mental stress and find herself back through a very challenging time.

“I didn’t have any idea that writing on my blog will help me to such a great extent. It really helped me through my separation anxiety phase and helped me keep a really positive attitude so that I could keep my family away from the burden of all these mixed feelings.” – Rupal

Totally MOM-Sense is a parenting platform where you will find plenty of ideas on how to keep little ones engaged, a lot of resources for moms to use in their motherhood journey from breastfeeding, to postpartum healing and also tips on how to enjoy your family life to the fullest while keeping a positive attitude towards parenting.

“When it comes to parenting, I only have one principle ‘Happy moms, grow a happy child. Moms, you can never pour from an empty cup and hence in this blog, my goal is to serve you by providing you valuable resources that can help make your mom life easier.” – Rupal

Rupal through her blog provides very helpful tips and resources that can help moms enjoy their motherhood journey to the fullest. Through her blog she hopes to connect with as many moms globally, and help make their mom life easier by providing them answers to all the questions that they came looking for.

She is also very active on her social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest where she shares her everyday motherhood moments and tips and resources that are very helpful to her in raising her little daughter.

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