Ruben Alvarez Asks "Can Social Media Go Back To Us Being Social And Genuinely Friendly

Ruben Alvarez Asks “Can Social Media Go Back To Us Being Social And Genuinely Friendly?”

Isn’t it strange this question has to even be asked? Now would be the perfect time to get to know people and share the posts of what makes us happy. Yet, we see the opposite on social media.

Every guru is trying to sell his product. We all get daily messages that have been copy and pasted with a pitch. It’s 90% self centered.

Why don’t we see the “Hello, my name is Ruben and I am just happy to connect?”

Lead With Genuine Interest

Yeah, it’s pretty straight forward. Stop expecting anything from anyone. When you meet someone at a store and you have a good 5 minute conversation, you are not constantly thinking “Oh god, how can I get this person in my funnel as soon as possible. Let me pull out this index card I use on every one and read it out loud to him.”

You would be seen as crazy and locked up. But on social media, everyone thinks this is fine.

Completely astounds me that people do not have common etiquette just because it is the internet.

You Might Sell Them Later, Don’t Burn A Bridge Now

Patience, yes you need it. A sale today is better than one tomorrow only if your life depends on it. If you have enough money to eat, sleep soundly and be happy, then the sale you are trying to force is called greed.

The instant pitch you put out is saying “I care more about my time and your money than I do on the long term relationship we could form.”

Are you looking for one sale from every single “lead” on social media? Or would you benefit more from 100 sales from the same person over the course of 10 years?

Anyone who instantly pitches me gets unfriended and blocked. Lost customer. I could have been your friend and bought literally the next day, if you hadn’t been ego driven.

There Are People On Social Media, Not Leads

The easiest way for you to make the change, to see long lasting results, just stop using the word lead. we are all people. Social media is meant to be a place to connect on a deeper, more genuine level.

Using a word like lead, takes the humanity out of the person you are talking to.

You look at their bio and the title matches your product. That’s great. That person also posts about their family, their trips around the world and many more things.

You choose to ignore all that information and target one small piece of their life. This is why your strategy does not work. This is why you do not get a response back to your messages. This is why you are getting blocked.

You Can Still Sell On Social Media

This is not a campaign to remove ads or try to discourage people from trying to generate sales. On the contrary, I believe you can help people a lot faster and with more effectiveness on social media.

Just do it in a way where you aren’t sucking the life out of a platform a lot of people enjoy using.

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