New Film “State of Consciousness” Starring Actor Emile Hirsch Begins Shooting in Italy

Despite a worldwide pandemic and never-ending political tumult raging relentlessly, signs of normal life continue on: Haggled spouses are still trudging out to check the mail and put out the trash, the sun is still setting and rising and I still can’t figure out how to use our clunky kitchen garbage disposal. Add to that list of the banal and seemingly ordinary the resumption of shooting major Hollywood productions throughout the globe: Per our groovy cousins over at Variety, word has just dropped that director Marcus Stokes (The Signal) in conjunction with actor Emile Hirsch (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) have just begun shooting their new feature film State of Consciousness in Italy.

 State of Consciousness is a psychological thriller about a young man-Hirsch- with apparently some of the worst luck known to mankind: This poor soul has been falsely locked up in an institution where he is made to medicate for a mental disorder that he in fact does not have. Sorta like that year when I got signed up for twelve months of free holiday fruit cakes from a well-meaning family member, only not quite as horrific. Ye olde scribbler hopes that Hirsch at least gets a free tee-shirt out of the deal (“I Survived an Insane Asylum and All I got Was This Stupid Tee-Shirt”)…

 Lights, camera and action was officially called on this production on Tuesday, this in spite of the fact that Italy went into a semi-lockdown just recently after a surge in COVID cases. The movie is being filmed in the port city of Bari in the Southern Apulia region, according to production house Iervolino Entertainment. Despite the alarming number of new cases in Italy production on a number of features are still underway, with the country’s generous tax incentives of up to 40 percent offering an incentive for productions that hail from outside of Bel Paese.

 State of Consciousness already has a global distribution deal inked with L.A. independent studio Paradox Studios, which pads Iervolino Entertainment with a plum $4.8 million guarantee for world rights. This particular deal on State is one part of a larger five-picture agreement.

 Marcus Stokes – best known for Criminal Minds – is directing State of Consciousness from an original screenplay by scribes Rylend Grant, Dikran Ornekian, Silvio Muraglia, Giacomo Arrigoni and Guillaume Tunzini. The film also features the acting talents of thespians Tatjana Nardone, Joy Libardoni, Yoon C. Joyce, David Wurawa and Keisia Elwin.

 Ye olde Vents correspondent – in between bouts of attempting to figure out my family garbage disposal – will update you on any news regarding State of Consciousness as they become available.

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