Mobile Entertainment – Some Options That You May Not Have Considered

Who would have thought that what started as a clunky and awkward brick-like object for making calls would turn into a pocket-sized computer capable of doing anything? Few could have predicted that smartphones would come from early mobile offerings, but nobody is complaining. In fact, it’s incredible that mobile users now have access to the world’s best entertainment any time, any place. But because of the abundance of well-known content like Netflix and Fortnite, are some options slipping under the radar? Here are a few mobile entertainment options you may not have previously considered.


After having previously released several over-the-top streaming services for existing HBO customers, HBO decided to release a standalone streaming platform in 2020 in direct competition to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. This service, which is owned by Warner Media, doesn’t have as much content on offer as its rivals. But what it lacks in quantity, it arguably makes up for in quality.

Many of the shows produced by HBO have made it into greatest series of all time lists. Some would say that The Sopranos was the catalyst for the modern series in its innovative scriptwriting and storytelling. It was lauded for showing how television could be used as a complex medium and demonstrated the scale and depth that could go into creating content for the smaller screen. In the Rolling Stone magazine list of the 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time, The Sopranos sits at number one. Every other series from HBO since then has had to live up to a similar standard.

Some other examples of incredible series that HBO Max subscribers have at their fingertips are The Wire, Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Deadwood. The service currently has around 8.6 million subscribers, but this number is rapidly increasing. For people who are fed up with the options on Netflix, it may be wise to turn to HBO Max for a refreshing change.

Live Casino Streaming

The online casino industry has branched out to mobile effectively and, thanks to HTML5, most online casinos now have a mobile page which is easy to navigate. One of the most popular genres of casino game to play on mobile is slots, and developers have spent a lot of focus and energy perfecting these for the smaller screen. However, there is a more recent way of playing that some mobile players may not be as aware of.

Live casino streaming is on the rise and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to play at online casinos. This way of playing is immersive, and the experience is arguably enhanced when playing through a mobile device. At a phone casino like Mobile Wins, players have access to Auto Roulette live, French Roulette Live, and Blitz Blackjack High Roller among others. Playing through a mobile phone with these live streams can recreate the feeling of sitting at a table at a casino. This is an industry that has seen huge growth over the last few years due to how much technology has allowed online casinos to interact more directly with players. 

Fantasy Card Games

When viewing fantasy card games for the first time, it is comparable to trying to decipher a foreign alphabet. The players are seamlessly making moves that result in certain things happening, but to the untrained eye, it could make no sense whatsoever. Many stick to the more traditional card games such as poker for this reason, due to how accessible these games are. However, when you get used to some of the core principles of fantasy card games, you realise that they are quite similar to the traditional card games that came before them. After a while of playing them, you will find that they can provide excellent entertainment.

The most famous fantasy card game out there is Hearthstone, which was a spinoff of World of Warcraft originally. The game uses characters from the MMO offering, each with different powers and abilities. The success of this has led to other options, with CD Projekt Red’s Gwent rising as a serious challenger to Hearthstone in recent times.

The developers of Gwent spent a long time testing the game out in various formats before they eventually released it for mobile audiences. It has only been available on the smaller screen since October 2019 for iOS users and March 2020 for Android owners, but it has already seen its player base grow massively. At the 2019 SXSW Gaming Awards, Gwent was nominated for the award for Most Promising New eSports Game. It has been optimised for mobile and looks incredible on the portable screen.

For anyone looking for some new ways to enjoy entertainment on their mobile screen, these could represent some exciting options. With all of these things being available on the move, mobile users can get instant gratification wherever they are.

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