Interview: MarvinJrBeats

Hi (MarvinJrBeats)! How are you?

I’m doing pretty good just trying to stay alive. 

Where are you from?

I’m from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angelas, CA.

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

My family, they inspire me and I invest in myself everyday!  

What are 3 words that describe your music?

 I Make Bangers!

What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?

Writing songs for other people’s emotions and to put myself in their shoes is pretty tough.

What are the challenges of being an artist?

Well I try to not to stay in a box so every time I do something different than what I normally produce I feel its a bit challenging.

Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

Yeah, I got a song coming out with Richfam Nate Ft. Mr. Swipey called “Pieces” that I produced.

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