INTERVIEW: Brayden Alexander

  1. Hi Brayden, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

How have I been? I’m f*cking fantastic! I’m in a time of my life where I’m moving a million miles an hour, but somehow I seem to have the space to stop and smell the flowers. Life is being kind to me. I’m trying to keep my head down, fuel the team with love and good vibes, and keep on keeping on. 

  1. Can you tell VENTS readers about your latest single “Queen”?

This single is part of a trio of songs which are written about a particular woman! She was beautiful, angelic, full of life, smart… the list goes on… as the song would say, she’s one cool chick, and “I agree”. This is the first song of our life recorded together through music. They go in order, Queen, Paradise, Karma. This song in particular recounts our first time meeting (Verse 1) and our subsequent dates in (Verse 2). It was awesome, we definitely created fire together. As things go, it didn’t work out. A recount of regrets and post feelings from my point of view are tabulated in the third song Karma. 

  1. Did any particular event inspire you to write this song?

She knows who she is! 

  1. Please tell us about your experience shooting the video? Any interesting behind the scenes stories? 

It was a LONG night. We started at 6 PM and went until 5 AM. It was my first time doing something like this and I loved it. Our team worked incredibly hard. I couldn’t believe how much went into the organization and creation of a music video. Rod was a legend, managing the shots, team, and countless drunk a**holes yelling at us filming on King West (we had permits) Phil, the other man behind the strings managed to coordinate and plan an incredible shooting experience, he was also happy to show every drunk person our permits. Big props to the cameraman who was hanging out the trunk of a VW with a 50-pound camera jig getting car shots of us driving around Toronto. Every bump we went over the hatch would try to collapse on him, so he also did this one-handed (one hand holding the trunk up). I don’t know what you guys call them, but I call guys like this f*cking LEGENDS. 

  1. The single comes off your new album Honey – what’s the story behind the title?

Growing up my sister called me B, and I called her B. Both our names started with B. Over time I came to really love B’s and what they stand for, I like to think as them as the low key heroes of the world, making sure all the fruits, plants, life, vibes continue on… they don’t ask for anything, just a little Honey. My other sister (I have two) came up with the line Honey only comes from B’s, when we were talking about my album one night.  It’s true, I liked it… I’m B, and here is some of my Honey. That’s that! I like to think I’m pretty sweet 😉

  1. The album features 14 songs. That’s very ambitious for a debut album!  What was the writing and recording process like for you?

If that’s ambitious, wait till you see what is coming up 2021! I decided at the beginning of last year that I wanted to make music. After meeting my sound engineer & now producer Kaol, haphazardly (guitar lessons) I told him I would go home for christmas and come back with an album. I did exactly that. I left in October, and came back in January with 16 songs, we recorded all of them in 10 days. We went with 14. Writing for me almost always starts with the beat. All of the beats for Honey were licensed from an artist called Pink Fader, all of our new music is produced by Kaol and I as well as a few other Toronto producers. Once I have a beat, I listen to it and let a certain experience connect to it! Once I have a story in my head, I just start writing. Sometimes I can write a song in 5 minutes, other times it takes me days. All of my songs are based on real experiences or feelings. 

  1. What role does Toronto play in your music?

Toronto has been my home for 10 years now. It gave me my first real job, many of my friends, and an infinite amount of outrageous and tough experiences. I think this is woven into every inch of me. I don’t have any close or distant family here, just my friends, myself, and my city. It’s been my family. It’s written into every song, as it’s written into me. 

  1. Where do you find the inspiration for your songs, particularly the lyrics?

Inspiration comes directly from an experience for me. As soon as I’m static in life (stop traveling, loving, sharing) I feel my inspiration run dry. As long as that’s in gear… when I listen to a beat… it’s written. It’s almost like telling a story at that point, I’m just sharing in a little more melodic fashion. 

  1. What’s next in Brayden Alexander’s world?

2021 looks like 3 albums. I have a double album being recorded in December called Lost Chapter vol 1 & vol 2, in spring I’m recording another album (unnamed) and we will see where we go from there!

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