Benefits Of CBD Oil with KOI CBD

Benefits Of CBD Oil with KOI CBD

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and provides a host of health benefits to the mind and body. In fact, CBD contains only trace amounts of THC compared to marijuana and other cannabis plants. If the THC content is more than 0.3%, the extract will have a psychoactive effect on the user. The latest studies reveal the numerous benefits of CBD oil on the immune system of a person. This article from KoiCBD provides information on some of the top health benefits of CBD.

1. Manages Anxiety And Stress Naturally

Full-spectrum hemp extract high in CBD helps reduce the body’s natural stress response and stress hormones. The Journal of Psychopharmacology published a 2010 study that states that an oral dose of 400 mg of CBD could reduce symptoms of social anxiety disorder in humans. This study revealed the anti-anxiety properties of CBD.

In another study published in Neuropsychopharmacology in 2011, patients with social anxiety disorder were given 600 mg doses of CBD just 90 minutes before they participated in a stress-triggering exercise. The results showed a reduction in anxiety levels in these patients. They also showed reduced discomfort when speaking in social settings. These studies were investigating the efficacy of CBD isolate against full-spectrum hemp extract. They found that the full-spectrum extract was more effective than the isolate and requires a lesser dose. Plant People CBD provides full-spectrum CBD products that are extracted from the entire plant.

CBD kicks in just when you need it to bring you back into balance. It helps our brains access and reduces the breakdown of important chemicals such as serotonin and anandamide. You will experience way less stress with CBD. In fact, one can hope for a life filled with joy and relaxation as a result.

2. Reduces Pain And Inflammation

The latest research shows that sublingual delivery and topical use of CBD can help reduce moderate chronic pain and inflammation conditions. In a 2015 study, mice were given topical CBD for arthritis. They had significantly less pain and inflammation signals just after 4 days without any side effects. You should add a CBD tincture to your daily routine if you want immediate pain relief from these conditions.

3. Improves Your Sleep

CBD supports more restful and deeper sleep. The WHO stated in a 2017 report that there is preliminary evidence to show the effectiveness of CBD for a number of medical conditions. But there is promising evidence of the benefits of CBD for anxiety, chronic pain, and conditions such as insomnia. That’s why you need to consider purchasing CBD products from a trusted brand on the market.

4. Heals Without Habit-Forming

CBD isn’t addictive like THC. Hence, you can take the same dose in your regimen for the specified period of time. Whether you are using a CBD tincture or any other type of CBD product, you can be certain that you won’t develop a dependency on cannabidiol oil.

5. Achieves Clarity And Not A High

CBD doesn’t give you a psychoactive effect like THC. The extract is derived from cannabis but contains only trace amounts of the compound – THC. CBD is mostly derived from industrial hemp plants. Although THC and CBD have a similar molecular structure, each compound has its unique medicinal properties. CBD contains a hydroxyl group while THC has a cyclic ring. This is one reason why THC will get you high and CBD will not. On the other hand, CBD can moderate the effects of THC by relieving stress and anxiety.

6. Soothes From The Outside In

CBD as well as some other secondary cannabinoids show promise for improving a wide variety of skin conditions. As per the latest research, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays an important part in improving skin health. One recent study showed that CBD oil could reduce the oil and acid production of the skin that often causes acne. All phytocannabinoids have topical anti-inflammatory properties as per another study.

7. Preserves And Maintains Brain Health

The ability to support cognitive functions and brain health is one of the most important health benefits of CBD oil. In fact, cannabinoids contain neuroprotective properties to protect your brain. A study revealed that CBG (cannabigerol) helped improve motor deficits in mice that suffered from Huntington’s disease. Although there are numerous animal studies to this effect, researchers are still studying the health benefits for humans. Knowing the impact for humans is crucial to understanding the many health benefits of cannabinoid supplements to preserve and maintain brain health and cognitive functions.

The aforementioned article provides important information on some of the top health benefits of CBD oil.

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