An insight into the appropriate rock breaking tools

Presently, the construction industry can facilitate rock breaking or concrete breaking with various tools. However, given the wide array of available tools for the selections, you ought to consider a number of factors before picking up the right tool. Analyzing the rock breaking site helps in drawing an efficient plan.

Furthermore, it saves your precious time, effort, and money. Some of the preliminary considerations you need to know before commencing the job include the magnitude of the job, the accuracy of the tools, and the type of material you need to break.

Rock breaking techniques

Over the years, advancement in the rock breaking technologies has made the work simpler and cost-efficient. Some of the latest methods like thermal spilling, vaporization, and mechanical fusion assist in the various kinds of rock breaking work in quick time. Additionally, now we have the convenience of the non-explosive agents in the form of cartridges, chemicals and others. Nevertheless, during the initial steps, specific tools remain indispensable for rock breaking.

The three-pound hammer

The three-pound hammer remains one of the most essential tools for rock breaking. Typically, you can use the aforesaid hammer, and chisel together aids in breaking flat rocks. The three-pound hammer is distinguishable by its appearance. Usually, its head will be made of forged steel. You have the convenience of selecting from a wide array of three-pound hammers.

The hatchet

Hatchets resemble the axe and are very useful for rock breaking. The primary difference between an axe and a hatchet is the blade placement, in a hatchet; it is more towards the scoreline. Depending on the type of rock, you can select either the three-pound hammer or the hatchet. In both cases, you must use a chisel. Look for the metallic and round-shaped tip when selecting a chisel. Specifically, for rock breaking jobs, you should pick the rock and stone chisels.

Tools for concrete breaking

The list of concrete breaking hammers is exhaustive. The demolition hammer, rotary hammer, handheld breaker, jackhammer, hydraulic breaker, combination hammer, along with the ones mentioned above, are the best options for any rock or concrete breaking operations. We reiterate you must choose the right tool after formally inspecting the rock breaking site or the concrete.

Rock hammers and sledgehammers

Generally, any form of rock breaking job will require excavation. In this situation, the roles of rock hammers are crucial. Regardless of the rock type, you will always require the services of a rock hammer, as it performs its job with precision. In many instances, you will need to involve a combination of other tools too to get the accurate results. Thus, the use of a chisel and the three-pound hammer might also be necessary while using the rock hammers. Likewise, the use of sledgehammers becomes essential for breaking big chunks of rock. Usually, these sledgehammers have added size and weight to deliver heavy blows. Depending on the type of rock that you intend downsizing, these sledgehammers are available in variable loads.

The significance of assessments

Primarily, the construction industry needs to assess the characteristics of the rocks. All the rock-breaking tools mentioned above can also make it convenient for finishing rock breaking works for small projects. For instance, you can use them to good effect when you are looking to alter some changes to the exteriors of your home.

The various works you can use with the tools include, changing the driveways, sidewalks, etc. You will find a lot of videos related to the proper way of using these tools. So this should not be difficult for achieving home-related rock or stone breaking works.

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