Interview with Queen Cacique – Making America’s Grit Again

Every four years when the US presidential election rolls round, we see endless articles, news headlines and news reports about the Democratic and Republican nominees going head to head. But what we don’t see so much of, are the ordinary people putting themselves out there who want to make a change in America (and this doesn’t include Kanye). Queen Cacique is the owner of a multidisciplinary agritourism entertainment company, and recently declared Donald Trump as unfit to “rule the continent of North America”. So she decided to try her own hand at the job.

Her company, OJO, was created after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. In order to try and diversify the farming industry, she brings together her own trinity of sectors: agriculture, tourism and entertainment, with her farm also working as the backdrop to a reality TV show. In the hopes that she will win the popular vote, she will then proceed to renaming the US as the United States of Puerto Rico. Vents Magazine caught up with Queen Cacique to hear all about her campaign to run as president.

What motivated you to make the decision to run as President?

It’s sort of like an existential thing. I hit a point where I was like, “dang, I’m basically getting treated like a president without being president. If people are gonna seriously treat me this way without knowing who I am then I guess they think I’m their Queen. Ok let’s do this but I’m doing it my way.”

What is the reasoning behind wanting to rename the US to the United States of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico has been second in importance as a territory of America since the beginning of our history together. It’s time the US steps aside for a second and helps their brethren step up and learn to believe in their potential for success as much as any other American. I believe this will help my people’s minds heal from so much violent history and move on to focus on their futures.

How will you make sure people vote for you?

I won’t. Given that last election season and sure enough this season will be based on the electoral college, which basically rules out the popular vote, I wish to continue my journey and bring people along with me to see if we can all collectively learn to become our own bosses and start our own businesses. I believe that is the future of the nation including Puerto Rico.

How does your unique background allow you to see things differently?

I have the advantage of being traveled and I also harness two cultures that haven’t exactly had the best relationship. It makes my level of understanding unique. I sometimes think of myself as a judge that missed her calling because I’m so fair in my decisions.

What kind of attacks from corrupt politicians have you faced?

When I say politician I mean anyone that deliberately alters another human’s or group of humans’ course. I was bullied on multiple levels, but I’m over it.

What do you say to the haters?

Keep hating, see how far it gets ya.

How has your agritourism entertainment company set you up with some of the skills needed for the presidency?

I’m not even sure if my company will be successful but I’m learning how to let go of certain plans as it evolves. I’m also learning how to not sweat the small stuff, how to negotiate with a diverse group of people and I’m learning a lot about keeping a clear mind when faeces hits the fan.

What will the USPR do to make the nation happy again?

Teach gringos how to dance salsa.

What kind of support have you received from people so far?

Just a few friends see where my path is taking the product, and are extremely supportive. I believe this next chapter will bring a lot of clarity to my message and maybe others will start joining in my cause. Stay tuned!

If you could describe yourself in three words what would you say?

Strategic, open minded, and a dreamer.

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