How to Prioritize Home Repairs

The biggest fear for someone looking to sell their home is that they may accidentally leave money on the table.  Undervaluing could mean losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars because of ignorance or a foolish mistake in real estate.  If this is a fear that leaves you tossing and turning at night, one answer may have popped into your mind again and again- what if you remodeled your home?

Unfortunately, not every remodel is as lucrative for the homeowner.  Here are the top three repairs you should consider if you want to sell faster and more money than before.

Your Kitchen

If you’re asking yourself, “what is my home worth?” chances are you will think of a few projects that need to be completed.  Most people are unhappy with their kitchens or would like a change of some kind in them.  White cabinets, and marble countertops, are a classic look that has been in style for over ten years now, thanks to their sleek looks and easy cleaning.  

Most kitchen remodels raise your home‘s value and allow you to sell your home more quickly.  It’s vital that you consider how much you can afford to spend, and how much of a return you’ll get on that before you pour any money into a renovation.  The last thing anyone wants is to put in a ton of work and money only to get nothing, or a tiny fraction, back.

Your Yard

A yard update may not be what many people consider when thinking about remodels, but you should never undervalue curb appeal.  The work you put into your yard will ensure that your buyers will be entranced with your home from the moment they first see it until they’re driving away after the tour.

Critical focal points to consider paint, how clean your siding or brick is, and if your driveway or sidewalks have any cracks in them.  You can rent a power washer for $45-$70 a day, and this will help you give your home a fresh face without having to repaint everything.  When you take the paint bucket out, the main focal points should be your front door, your mailbox, and any other parts of your home where the paint is starting to crack or fleck off.


Although the term ‘master’ bedroom has been under hot debate lately, with HGTV making the change over to calling them ‘primary’ bedrooms, the value of these rooms has stayed the same.  Many home buyers are looking for large, well-kept bedrooms with lots of perks and up to date bathrooms and closets. 

If you have spare money in your budget, it’s a good idea to put it into your home’s most massive bedroom.  Go for expanding floor and closet space, and making the bathroom feel like a spa more than a toilet.  These changes alone will help sell faster and convince buyers to pay a higher price.  Other great features, like smart light switches, wall-mounted television hookups, and a five-piece bathroom, can be enough to close the deal.

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