Yann Brassard Is The Artist Behind The New Disco-Inspired Single “Overnight”

It’s so stirring to still have artists like Canada-based singer-songwriter Yann Brassard who are creating their unique pieces of art taking into account the classics while refusing the mainstream. Likewise, it is thrilling for us to announce the release of his amazing project titled “Overnight.” Setting aside the fact that this whole production has a strong resemblance to the legends of the Pop genre, Prince and Michael Jackson, the amazing fact is that Yann has entirely recorded this song by himself during the quarantine, with every instrument except the drums recorded separately using only his mouth. “Overnight” is easily the poppiest and upbeat effort with a contemporary feel, a flawless pre-chorus, and a satisfying main hook released in recent months which without any doubt has all the potential to become another radio hit. Yann’s delivery is smooth, sultry, and infectious.
It seems that Yann knows exactly what he wants to sound like and using this track as a basis for his future album, we definitely would like to hear more!

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