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Jake Geruson – a 15 Year Old Boy Full of Inspiration


Jake Geruson, a 15-year-old boy, is a multisport athlete and a social media influencer with 49k followers on Instagram and 10k followers on TikTok which he gained in less than 7 days. You wonder what makes a 15-year-old kid gain so much following in a week. In this article, we are going to tell you about his story that will answer the above question. 

A Brief History of Jake Geruson     

From a very young age, Jake was passionate about playing basketball. It directed him to compete in junior and senior basketball games. All the experience and playing in basketball and other sports shaped him and made his personality more attractive. By having a coach who is a constant source of motivation and confidence for him, Jake Geruson participated in many competitive games including the national junior basketball league until eight grades when Jake was hit by a tragedy.

A Misfortune in Jake’s Life

Like any other eight grade athlete, Jake was ready for the high school level tryouts to carry his passion but his fate had other plans for him. Jake’s knees weakened and let Jake yield for his passion for basketball. The doctor said that due to excess use of knees, Jake Geruson must drop his basketball career. For someone, who has accomplished so much in a field and has a regular habit of practice it on daily basis, it is very hurtful and difficult to simply leave it behind. But do not feel sorry for him because he did not, rather the pain made him stronger and made him realize his other talents and skills. 

Jake Geruson as a Leader

As they say, if one door closes, two more opens. Jake Geruson used his time away from basketball to discover other things that he would be good at. By trying the Student council and participating in the robotics challenge, Jake realized his leadership skills. Besides successful in basketball, he recognized that he can do well in other playing fields. Jack practice robotics and learned about other intelligent students in the field which were very different from his basketball team members. Although both fields and its team members were completely different, he successfully showed his leading qualities for both basketball players and robotics students. Moreover, Jake Geruson got to experience both fields.

Bearing the pain patiently and being a positive and avid person about life rewards Jake fruitfully. With time, his knees got completely healthy and he again pursued his basketball career. 

Jake Geruson Official image on Instagram

Why did he decide to be an Instagram Influencer?

During the days when he was disappointed due to his knee’s physical health, his parents and siblings influenced him and motivated him for his life. His parents clarify that a successful role model is vital to achieving a successful life. That is why he chose the career of Instagram Influencer to be an inspiration and extend positivity in the world. Jake Geruson also publicizes his next goals on social media to achieve them. 

Jake Geruson, a 15-year-old young boy, has shown to the world that no matter what problems you face, never bow down. We wish good luck to Jake for more success in his life. To get daily updates about him, follow him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/jake.ezz/.

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