Aspiring R&B Singer Gabriela Announces Her Debut Single “Grow Up”

Nashville, TN-bred R’n’B singer-songwriter Gabriela has announced the release of her debut single titled “Grow Up.” This 20-year-old rising r&b talent started singing at a very early age and started writing down her lyrics at 8 years old. We can clearly see that her passion for music continued to grow throughout the years and resulted in her beautifully created production.
Gabriela’s songwriting and vocal performance talents are showcased on this project in a refreshing way. “Grow Up” shines with uniqueness and thoughtful production while positioning Gabriela as a woman with many talents, strong vocals, and vivid creativity while approaching her music. 

A great piece of sensual R&B, at times similar to Mebel’s style, Gabriela, basks in her rich voice and the interesting sounds that play on the track. The refreshing song has all the essential elements of R’n’B, and after 3 minutes, Gabriela gives you a rightful reason to play this song on repeat.

Check out the official audio as well as Gabriela’s Instagram account to always stay updated:

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