Arjun Dhingra’s Path to Financial Freedom

Arjun Dhingra has been serving clients as a licensed mortgage banker for 19 years. Certified to lend in 13 states and provide all aspects of the entire mortgage process in-house, including processing underwriting, and funding, Arjun is able to provide value to his clients and strategic partners that goes well beyond interest rates and good service. “I’m in mortgage banking, but I serve as an actual mortgage advisor,” he explains. “There is a big difference in our industry between loan officers and actual advisors. Advisors offer more broad-based, strategic approaches to taking on a mortgage. Tax, wealth, and budget are all aspects of this approach so I often consider it to be ‘consulting-like’.”

Outside of the office, Arjun also serves as a Co-Head Coach for Team USA’s Taekown-Do Team. As a two time Taekwon-Do World Champion, and the first Indian-American to medal at multiple world championships, Arjun brings an unmatched level of expertise to the mat. In turn, this experience drives him to work even harder to help clients achieve success.

So, how does he do it? “Mindset is everything,” he explains. “Think humility and serving. You need to be humble so you can learn from mistakes, learn from others, and be in constant growth mode. But the “serving” is huge because too many people get into business to make money, not help others. If you create a business that is addressing a pain point or a problem, and you are offering a solution… that is step number one. Then stick to it and don’t allow the end-game or profits to take over your execution. Help more, serve more, assist more, and the money part will take care of itself.”

He adds, “Definitely think long. There are no shortcuts to making it, you have to do the work, take the hits, and learn the lessons.”

With almost two decades of experience under his belt, Arjun has certainly made a name for himself within the mortgage industry. To those who have worked with him, this comes as no surprise. Arjun’s greatest joy has been establishing long-term relationships with clients, athletes, and business partners he has made along the way. According to Arjun, one of his greatest obstacles was creating a brand that was customer-centric and centered on reaching as many people as possible to help them, leaving them in a better spot financially. His colleagues would argue that this has also been his greatest strength.

Arjun defines financial freedom as the ability to call your own shots, regardless of what the economic implications may be. Having achieved this goal himself, he continues to dedicate himself to helping others achieve the same. “Instant success doesn’t exist,” he says. “Starting a business takes guts and a lot of effort. In most cases, you have to be 100% right to have a 50% shot of succeeding because it’s not easy. So, the people you are around will feed you or take away from you, and since you need to be 100% right, there is no room for anything negative.”

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