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From ancient times almost every human culture has a tradition of composing music in their language. Pleasant or unpleasant sounds are all around us like the waves lapping, birds chirping, car honking, flowing stream, volcanoes or some man created sources like an aeroplane, train, explosion, vacuum cleaner or fans, etc.  

Music is a collection of two or more coordinated sounds. Music is created in such a way that it expresses feelings, emotions, and ideas in different ways. Music is an organized form of sounds. In this article, the topic of discussion is the story of a Rapper. 

Rapping is one of the most famous Musical types that took too much attention from the youngest generation. Rapping is a type of speech or street vernacular. Rap occupies a grey area between poetry, speech, singing, or prose. Rap is an ingredient of hip-hop music. The rapper is also named Praise Singer

The words of the article are related to the story of RapperFlyGuyFrazier.”

His Journey:

      Exclusive and Eccentric Music Rapper FlyGuyFrazier from Florida, born in 1988. He is rapidly making his place in the rapper’s world rapidly. The reason that people love his music is that it has tangled creativity and sensitivity. His dedication to the music helps him to walk gravely on the path of music. He saw many ups and downs in his life but never lost hope.

In 2006, Frazier was a victim of an armed robbery. By going through this incident, the artist left paralyzed from the waist down for years. He was not able to walk. Later on, after multiple surgeries, therapies, and treatments, he could be able to walk again.  The rap artist after recovery starts pursuing music again. His passion for music convinces him to work on it properly.

Frazier’s Achievements: 

              After his hard work and dedication, he put forward many tracks on digital platforms like Amazon Music, iHeart music, iTunes, Apple, and Spotify. FlyGuyFrazier also works with Koly P, Major nine, and Lucci. After all this collaboration, he launched his first single music in May 2019, and people give it more than 4 million views. This music video spread all over the world. The first single is called ‘Friday’. In this single, he provides ideas to people to earn money in different ways. 

Favourable Outcomes:

               Presently, Frazier has 27.1k followers on Instagram. He has quiet and unique followers on social media. He is an active participant on social media because he uploads photos and videos regularly on his accounts. This piece of art attracts the people towards himself, and people love his devotion towards music. He faces many difficulties in his life, but he never gives up on any point.  

In 2020, an award show will be organized in the southeast named “South East Independent Awards 2020”. FlyGuyFrazier has also been nominated for this award. He is a man who makes music real and pure through his wisdom. 

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