How Does An Employment Agency Works?

Many people are in search of short-term job positions nowadays. As college and university students benefit from internships that give them entry-level experience, more people are looking for temporary jobs through an employment agency to add extra hours and put their interests into practice. This experience does not go unnoticed because it still helps people to find permanent employment.

Temporary work, which stays for about six months or less, is another way people find a flexible job. To get to know how an employment agency works and their importance, here at Team Global we have decided to enlighten you about how these job agencies work. Take a gander.

1.      What Is An Employment Agency?

Sometimes companies get extra work, an employee takes a leave or is sick and they need additional people to help out. Since it is seasonal, hiring people will mean that the company will fire them when work has reduced. To avoid this, companies ask temp agencies to help them out by getting suitable employees and sending them to these companies. This is where temp companies come in. Temp agencies tend to help out when;

a.      A Company Needs Seasonal Hiring

During the holiday seasons, some companies like the food factories get busy weeks, which can call for additional staff. Since the season lasts a few weeks, they do not need to advertise employment positions. If the person recruited through an employment agency is doing a good job, they might get referred somewhere else.

b.      Give Opportunities For Different Schedules

Some people need specific work hours and flexible schedules. This happens for people mostly with another job or studying and want to earn an extra coin. For example, since schools are usually not in session all the time, a teacher might turn to a temp agency Toronto for a temporary job that ends after schools open.

c.       Looking For a Specific Skill

Temp agencies deal with entry-level candidates, but some firms might require some particular skills relevant to a particular job. For example, a big company might have gotten a short term project but needs a project manager. It is not easy to get a short term manager.

2.      How Do They Work?

It is important to have this in mind before landing a short term project with an employment agency.

a.      They Charge the Employer, Not the Employee

The work of a temp agency Toronto is to connect you to the employers, and so it deals with the companies. Companies may not want to spend on the hiring process or do not have time to go through the many resumes, so they choose to turn to temp agencies.

b.      The Temp Agency is Your Employer

The company you are working for is not your employer. An employment agency is. The company only keeps paperwork of your time. As an employee, you can bring HR complaints to both the company as well as the agency. While writing your resume, you can mention the company you worked for and the skills you learned there.

  1. Temp Agencies Do Not Guarantee Full Employment

Signing up with temp agencies does not mean that you will get called for the job. You might go through interviews to determine if you are suitable for the job. If a company is not satisfied with a particular candidate, they might stop hiring from the temp agency. This means that the agency loses its reputation.

  1. You Will Meet Professional Hiring Managers

If called for an interview, you will find a hiring team waiting for you. This means that you should carry your resume and prepare for an interview beforehand. The professional hiring managers are there to spot red flags in the candidates and choose the best. Highlight all your skills and roles because they might be the reason you will win over the rest.

  1. How Staffing Agencies Work

A company pays a temp agency Toronto to recruit and interview a potential candidate. The company then goes ahead and does another interview on the candidates and decides which one to hire. This hired candidate now becomes an employee. The work of the staffing agency is to send qualified candidates to the company. If it sends candidates that are not qualified, the company will stop using them.

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