D’Lemor’s Debut Album Your Lens Of Love Is Going To Make Furore Among The Audience Judging From The Release Of Her Debut Single “Shine”

With the release of the debut single “Shine,” there is no doubt left that Poland-born, NYC-based artist D’Lemor made the right choice choosing music over design. This talented human being is talented in everything she does, and D’Lemor would definitely be perfect in interior design if she chose it as her career path. Still, music was something she was not willing to give up on for anything in the world. “Shine” comes to prove that nothing can stand in the way of true passion and natural talent. 

If a person and their craft are made for one another, nothing can separate them; they will come across. The same happened with D’Lemor and music. The artist has found the beautiful world of music at a very young age but then realized her talent in the design sphere for some time. Yet, music has always been her calling, and we see the results of this perfect match with the release of “Shine.” The single truly shines with purity and beauty. D’Lemor’s voice makes you feel connected to eternity. It is powerful yet calming and soft at the same time. 

“Shine” is one of the songs from the artist’s debut album Your Lens Of Love, giving its taste before the release. The album’s release is going to be a phenomenon we won’t stop talking about, judging from the hype over the single. 

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