Amirah Releases Cinematic And Soulful Anthem Calling For Unity Amidst The US Elections – “Tell Me”

Singer-songwriter, composer Amirah has just released her new song and lyric video, “Tell Me.” The pop artist reveals a cinematic and soulful single, as she calls for unity amidst the US Elections. Her entire life, Amirah was exposed to several cultures and has always promoted unity, tolerance, and peace in everything she did through art and beyond. “Tell Me” was released this past Friday, shortly after “You Are My Land,” another wonderful song in which she addressed the recent tragic events that happened in one of her home countries, Malaysia. Being both Malaysian and Indian, Amirah is the perfect example of an artist who cares about individuals, more than any country, race, or religion. Her purpose being universal, her impact is powerful. Both “Tell Me” and “You Are My Land” were recorded with Grammy award-winning producer Jeff Bova, with whom she has a clear chemistry audible when hearing the songs at first listen. Both introspective yet easily relatable, Amirah has concocted a sonically magical blend of mainstream pop and traditional instruments incorporated with style in the mix. 

Her East meets West approach couldn’t be more relevant in today’s multi-cultural and globalized world, and instead of erasing all differences and creating a neutral sound, she goes for blending the richness of each culture and hemisphere into one truly hypnotic soundtrack on which she pours her heart with her signature heavenly vocal performances.


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