Talking With Canadian Hip Hop Stars Un!dentified

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

Un!dentified was formed as a product of three like-minded artists Justin Dosanjh, Harman Sandhu, And Sukhan Sandhu coming together to bring a shared vision to fruition. Justin and Harman are childhood friends. Growing up in the same neighborhood, high school, And playing on the same ice hockey team. They both share a passion and goal to become hip-hop stars out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Eventually becoming mentors to the younger generation. Justin and Harman started to create music together under the name 14/21. This representing their jersey numbers, that they wore playing together growing up. With time, their writing and recording skills dramatically improved and they both knew they were onto something that was very special. However, they knew that there was still something missing. Eventually, Justin and Harman reached out to Sukhan to produce one of their tracks for them. At this time Sukhan was a local producer working with different local artists. From here, the three started working on music together and learning each others’ styles. After a few studio sessions, it was clear that these three artists were onto something new that hadn’t been done before. Though it was unclear at the time, this “thing” would go on to become Un!dentified’s sound. The formation of Un!dentified was gradual and organic. More than being a one-time decision to form a group, it was a process of three talented artists who all brought something special to the table making music together and eventually adopting the moniker Un!dentified.

What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?

Harman: I’d say the most challenging thing that I have overcome is seeing the bigger picture of things and not giving up. When I was younger I used to think if you’re not first, you’re last. I didn’t ever think that you could learn from losses, I always took it as a negative. However, as I got older I realized losses make you stronger and you learn from them. This plays a huge part in music! Sometimes you just feel like giving up because something isn’t going your way, but learning to overcome this is definitely the most challenging thing I’ve had to do. I’ve been raised to never give up! If you keep working hard, you will reach your end goal.


I believe life is hard for everyone, and we all have to overcome our own struggles. For me personally, some of those struggles include coming from a single-parent household, moving out of government housing in a bad neighborhood, with alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence going on in my home, dealing with anxiety, depression, and other things that come with that. Overcoming those obstacles throughout my childhood and teenage years was not easy but they made me the creative artist I am today, so I’m grateful for the experiences. Today, however, the only challenge that I’m focussed on is the challenge of getting our music to be heard and played by people around the world.


The most challenging situation that I’ve overcome in my life was to stop caring about what people had to say. Growing up where we come from isn’t easy. Everyone is very judgmental and always looking for the smallest thing to talk bad about. When I was growing up, I would get upset easily whenever someone would try and make fun of what I dreamed to pursue in my life. Eventually, I started to realize that people are going to hate no matter what. Especially if you’re going to do something different, you have to be prepared to hear all the negative comments because these people never had the courage to chase their own dreams. My main goal is to show the world that it’s okay to chase your dream and forget about all the negativity.

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

Our greatest inspiration is our fans. They’re the reason we do all of this. The biggest motivator we have for doing this music thing is to get real authentic reactions from our fans. The best feeling in the world is meeting someone who knows your music and them telling you what role it plays in their lives. That’s huge for us! Other than that, as far as making the music, we like to draw inspiration from our real-life experiences when writing the music. We don’t believe in needing to copy or knock anyone else’s style to draw inspiration since our own lives carry so much of it. That’s one of the benefits of having 3 members. If one of us hits a wall, someone always has an idea or something to share that reignites the inspiration.

You can view their official website here as well as listen to their most recent releases on Spotify here

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