Pascal Bachmann Is The Life And Business Strategist, Coach And Entrepreneur That Many In The Health Sector Need To Meet

Pascal Bachmann is a life and business strategist, coach and entrepreneur, born and raised in Switzerland. From a very young age he felt an attraction for martial arts, and reached the professional level at the age of 18. While he was competing in Taiwan at the 1996 world championship, he suffered an accident that forced him to leave the world of martial arts. In his journey to reinvent himself and improve his life, Pascal studied oriental therapies and specialized in Chinese medicine, thus becoming a health coach.

Over the years in his role as a health coach, Pascal gained experience in business building where he became very successful and gained valuable contacts which allowed him to move from being a consultant to small businesses to being able to advise large companies. But life is not always rosy. In an unfortunate turn of events, Pascal found himself bankrupt.

I literally lost everything within two months. My business went bankrupt; I had to file for personal bankruptcy and ended up losing all my retirement savings. I had to start over again and build from scratch.” Pascal shares.

Today, Pascal focuses on empowering and educating entrepreneurs and high performers with the necessary tools to gain the clarity that is often lacking, especially when it comes to creating a successful business and growing wealth.  

As an entrepreneur, I have built my career over the past 25 years and have established seven companies that have a combined value of over $20 million. With that, I have been able to help more than 20,000 clients move from an unhealthy and depressed state to health, happiness, success, and wealth.” Pascal says.

With years of experience, Pascal feels the need to help people so that they can achieve success in their lives in a healthy way. To reach that goal, it is crucial to have a healthy body and mind. With this in mind, he is also the founder of BodyandMindTransformation, where he educates people on how to produce the needed healthy body to be and stay successful.

 “So it was mainly my desire to contribute my part to making this world a better place. With the talents and experiences I have developed over the years, to give back and help other doers how to achieve health, success, and wealth in their lives and businesses. I am very motivated by the feeling of satisfaction that comes from seeing my friends and business partners succeed in their lives as a result of working together.” Pascal explains.

Understanding that education never ends, Pascal believes that everyone needs to invest in their personal development because for a business to grow the person behind it needs to grow first. Moreover, he thinks that there are people who need leaders who will train them and educate them on how to master challenges in life and business. 

“I learned early on that if you want your business to grow, you as a person need to grow. First, you do it and you prove to yourself that what you do works. Then you teach and share your knowledge with others. Then you thank and give back.” Pascal adds.

Although Pascal is an expert in health studies, nutritional science, and medical activities, he prefers to classify himself as a coach. For him, coaching extends beyond the boundaries of what is “physical” or “mental.” In fact, what Pascal offers through his coaching is a transformation of both body and mind.

In his future projects, Pascal is planning to grow his digital presence in order to be reachable online. In the past, his clients found him through word of mouth, which is why he would like to be more accessible to everyone. He will also continue to offer his services and provide value in the areas of health, success, wealth, mindset, productivity and goal setting.

I want to be more accessible to other entrepreneurs and allow people to know me and have the opportunity to benefit from my experiences and ideas. One of my commitments for 2021 is that I will personally coach 20 doers for an entire year and guide them to the next level of health, success, and wealth.” Pascal states.

Find out more about Pascal and his services here.

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