Gmail For Small Business Owners

Gmail For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, processing email takes a decent piece of your day, making things a little bit difficult for you. Imagine a scenario where you could handle your email messages quicker and still tend to each email message effectively. If you know the right Gmail tricks and secrets, you can. Prepare to have your mind blown.

If you are using Gmail, you’re already using a robust platform with many productivity and ground-breaking features. The clause is that most of us use a tiny percentage out of the Gmail features accessible. That is simply because looking for and learning Gmail’s most valuable secrets can require time. Following are some Gmail tips and secrets you can begin utilizing immediately:

Use Undo Send to Recall a Message

Did you wish you could reverse or cancel a Gmail message? I think most users would have sent a message they want to they could switch. However, numerous users are not aware that Gmail has a feature that gives them a small time frame to change a sent message. To utilize this Gmail trick, you need to enable the “Undo Send” before using it. You will also need to act very fast to reverse your message. This convenient feature can spare you from humiliation.

Check Gmail Labs for New Features 

Provided you are not aware of Gmail Labs. You’re missing some extraordinary Gmail tricks. Gmail Labs is the place where Gmail tests features before making them a permanent part of Gmail. A lot of these features are amazingly valuable and useful only if we are aware of them. The only disadvantage of utilizing this feature is that Google could drop them. Despite the alerts from Google, some significant number of the Gmail lab features are worth looking into.

Save Time with Canned Responses

Is it accurate to say that you are fed up with responding to similar questions over and over again through email? Not only repeating yourself is frustrating, but it also wastes time. Gmail has a solution to this issue with the Canned Responses feature. Canned Responses permits you to save and re-utilize any email you sent as a Canned Response, which works as an email template. Canned Responses keep an immense measure of time, mainly if you are in a field that requires a ton of client interaction. Activate the Canned Responses feature from the Gmail Labs screen.

Listen to Google Voice Messages from Email

On the off chance that you use Google Voice with your Google account, notifications are likely set up to go to your buy Gmail accounts. When somebody leaves a Google Voice message, you will receive an email with a message transcript. With Google Voice Player from Google Labs, you can listen to each voice message from inside Gmail.

View Your Google Calendar from Email

Have you ever been so busy with reading and replying to messages on your Gmail that you missed an appointment? Since handling email takes a lot of time for entrepreneurs, it is possible to lose track of time. This is simply because; you will have to leave your email before seeing your Google Calendar. With Google Calendar in your Email from Gmail Labs, your appointments will directly be before you as you work with your messages. At the point when you utilize this Gmail secret, a Google Calendar Gadget shows inside your inbox.

The Gmail tricks and secrets don’t have to be outside your reach. Learn it today, and you also can spare time and make things easier for you.

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