Fashion Lifestyle Icon Justin Haynes And His Virtual Fashion Show

The outbreak of coronavirus has affected all the industries globally, including the fashion industry. Every fashion industry level has been affected by the pandemic, from retailers to supply chain to vendors. Many retail stores have closed, due to drop in demand, the production has been lowered.

Even the fashion shows are delayed and postponed due to the COVID-19. But the upside is that COVID-19 has given designers and business owners a chance to think outside the box and come up with new creative ideas. Fashion lifestyle icon Justin Haynes was planning a virtual fashion show to showcase his creativity.

About Justin Haynes

Justin Haynes is an international fashion designer from Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. He left a job, which offered stability and job security. He declined a promotion and pursued his childhood dream of becoming a fashion industry and revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Justin Haynes had to face many obstacles, but he overcame all the obstacles in his way, and his work was acknowledged on both small and large platforms. Justin Haynes designs men’s and womenswear, which consists of retro-chic fashions and is customized for the customers. The fusion of bright colors, stylish patchwork, and distinct patterns is the Justin Haynes brand’s signature work.


Justin Haynes was the first designer to feature at Springfield City Hall, hold casting at Enfield Square Mall. He is the first fashion designer from Springfield to feature in New York, Miami, LA, and Paris (Eiffel tower) fashion Week. Moreover, Justin Haynes has designed dresses for Hollywood actress from Disney’s Raven’s home Briana Roy.

This year Justin Haynes has featured on the cover of four different magazines. He was named a top business leader of 2020 by Yahoo finance, top entrepreneur of 2020 by USA Today, named a lifestyle fashion icon on Google news. He has also featured on FOX News and NBC News.

Virtual Fashion Show

From runways of Paris to Miami, the international fashion designer Justin Haynes did not let the pandemic limit his creativity. As fashion shows are not happening due to the pandemic, Justin Haynes used digital mediums to showcase his collection.

The new collection that was featured in the virtual fashion show by Justin Haynes was named “Grayscale Gray on High.” It was inspired by one of Haynes’ favorite childhood shows named “the facts of life.” According to Justin Haynes, he wants to revive the vintage looks and want to bring them back in this modern era.

According to Justin Haynes, the fall and the winter collection contains a color scale of creams, black into gray, and camel browns. The collection will be released at 7 PM Wednesday on the digital channels operated by Justin Haynes, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Final Words!

The virtual show on Wednesday featured five models, and users ordered their favorite designs online. Remember that limited quantity of collection will be available, and they’ll be sold on the first-come, first-served basis.

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