Weekend Movie Recommendations With An Obvious Theme

Looking at the calendar, it’s obvious what I’m going to be recommending on the movie front for this weekend. I’m not sticking to my usual rule of every movie having to be on the same streaming platform. It’s a holiday! The rules go out the window! We eat an insane amount of candy and dress like sexually-provocative versions of mundane jobs. I’m going to recommend three films of my choosing, and the theme should be obvious.

Let’s start with Carrie. The original version directed by Brian de Palma and starring Sissy Spacek. Also, let’s not forget Piper Laurie as her mom. Laurie got an Oscar nomination and, honestly, she deserved it. I was so struck by her performance in this film when I first saw it. She’s over the top, but so is the movie. De Palma directed it, after all. This feels different than a lot of horror movies. It’s got more depth and more style than many. It’s not a mere slasher flick. You can start it before the sun has quite set to get you into the eerie Halloween mood.

Then, once it’s dark, of course you have to watch John Carpenter’s Halloween. The man is a craftsman, and he crafted a slasher film that has merit to it, which is not something I often say. It’s grisly, but not gory. You aren’t just overwhelmed with blood and brutality. Plus, Carpenter knows his way around a score. That Halloween score is part of the holiday’s lore forever. You kind of have to watch Halloween on Halloween.

Rock 'n' Roll High School | Wexner Center for the Arts

Then, after that, the Halloween festivities are winding down. Even in a normal year the trick or treating is over. November is about to begin. So watch Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. What does it have to do with Halloween? Nothing! It’s just a fun, ridiculous comedy. You’ve just watched two horror movies. Why not give yourself some fun so you can ease yourself into going to bed? You can dream of the Ramones instead of Michael Myers. Also, the theme here wasn’t Halloween. It was P.J. Soles movies. But you knew that, right?

Enjoy your Halloween! Enjoy your P.J. Soles movie marathon!

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