The Terrible Movie Monsters Of ‘MST3K’

There are many great movie monsters. The Xenomorph. Godzilla. Donald Trump in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (zing!). There are also truly terrible movie monsters. This can be just as memorable, and just as fun, as the scary and freaky ones. You know what is an excellent reservoir for cheesy movie monsters? Why, Mystery Science Theater 3000 of course. Part of the amusement in watching those bad films is the lousy special effects, and oh man a poorly-conceived movie monster can be a true delight.

My all-time favorite episode of MST3K is the Hobgoblins episode. It’s so ‘80s, it’s so cheesy, and the hobgoblins look goofy as hell. They are clearly puppets with largely emotion-free faces, but they somehow look faker than even the Muppets. It’s a Gremlins or Critters riff, but a total failure.

Two iconically-horrendous monsters also popped up on MST3K. One is Ro-man from Robot Monster. That’s an early episode, so the riffing by Joel and the Bots isn’t great but Ro-man is one of the true legends of bad movie monsters. It’s clearly just a guy in a cheap gorilla suit wearing some sort of scuba diving helmet with antennae on it. Ro-man also talks in a ridiculous, stilted way that is memorable. Then, there’s the Creeping Terror from, well, The Creeping Terror. Most of the monster is made of a rug. No really, a rug. You can tell too. That movie was particularly insane. They even made multiple documentaries about it.

In The Killer Shrews they took dogs and puts shrew costumes on them. In The Giant Spider Invasion you can tell they put a spider design on a car. You can see the car driving. It’s hilarious. Not everybody likes to be freaked out or get spooked by monsters. If you still want to get into the Halloween season, maybe watch a monster movie where it’s basically impossible to be scared by the monster. Watch Robot Monster and get some laughs in lieu of scares. Monster movies can be for everyone.

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