Question Of The Week: Easy Halloween Costumes

Are you an elaborate Halloween costume person? Do you plan out your costume for the entire year? Are you a pop culture costume wearer? A lot of people are. Maybe you wear something in the zeitgeist. There were plenty of Elevens after the first season of Stranger Things. As a pop culture aficionado, obviously figures of that sort are at top of mind for me when it comes to Halloween. Sometimes, though there is some laziness mixed in. That’s why this week I’m wondering if you’ve ever thrown together a lazy, easy pop culture Halloween costume.

I’ve had two of them. One was, admittedly, kind of a bit. I’ve known a few women who have gone as Daria for Halloween, and I’ve accompanied them to parties as a date. I used to joke that I wanted to be with a woman who was going as Daria because then I could just say I was going as her boyfriend Tom, because I basically have clothes like his to begin with. It’s not even really a costume. Eventually, I did just go ahead and do that and went as Tom, Daria’s boyfriend, for Halloween.

The other is related to the Simpsons bar trivia event I’ve gone to basically every month for four years. They always have a Halloween costume contest. For that, I’ve gone as Roy, the guy who pops up in “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show” as an analog to Poochie. He’s a nice pull, necessary for a bunch of Simpsons junkies, and an easy costume. It’s just a blue t-shirt, jeans, a red baseball hat, and sunglasses. That’s easy to throw together, but also a fun reference for people.

When I’ve been lazy for Halloween, this is the direction I’ve gone in. Have you ever half-assed it yourself?

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