Question Of The Week: Candy!

This is a website dedicated to popular culture and entertainment. We give you insights and opinions on movies, TV shows, music, sometimes podcasts or video games or what have you. When I ask questions here, they are always related to matters of entertainment. Not today, though. Look, I’ve got an important question to ask for the holiday season. It’s Halloween this week, so there is only one question to ask: What’s your favorite candy?

Personally, I’m not a big sweets person, so I get it if you don’t necessarily have a clear answer. Maybe you always preferred the bags of chips when you went trick or treating. That’s your business. However, there has to be a candy you like the best, right? And ideally you can keep it to the candy of the people. I had a fancy dark chocolate bar with high cacao totals and some real mint flavor in there the other day. It was alright. I was curious if maybe I would like fancier candy better. Turns out not really. Also, that bar cost $2.50 on sale. I’m not talking that kind of candy.

I don’t like chocolate much. I can deal with chocolate chips sometimes, like in mint chocolate chip ice cream. When it comes to candy, I want something that steers clear of chocolate. If I were to eat candy, and I don’t really, I would have to go with Skittles. Are they a little chewy? Perhaps, but I like the taste. Also, I remember noticing in college they had vitamin C in them. That was my justification for buying them from the vending machine, sugar content aside. If somebody was going to give me some candy, the kind you can get in the impulse area around checkout at a grocery store, it would be Skittles. I don’t mind occasionally tasting the rainbow.

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