Peach Kelli Pop Is Bubbly, But Refined, On New EP ‘Lucky Star’

I don’t recall how Peach Kelli Pop came onto my radar, but I imagine it was a matter of Spotify’s algorithm doing me a solid. She is right up my alley, to be fair, as a lot of what I listen to is lo-fi indie rock, female artists or female-fronted bands, and a mix thereof. So there was Peach Kelli Pop, standing on the beach on her album cover, looking like a musician from the 1950s and kind of sounding like one too. It was almost like if Annette Funicello had gone electric. The first song I heard was “Princess Castle 1987,” which is a microcosm of Peach Kelli Pop’s thing. It’s 90 seconds of propulsive indie rock with a retro bend. I was really into it.

As time has gone on, Peach Kelli Pop’s album art, and sound, has changed a bit. It’s less retro, and also more Halloween focused. She seems to really dig Halloween, apparently. Peach Kelli Pop had released some new singles in 2020, which got me hopping for her first full album of new music since 2018, which is admittedly not that long ago. Instead, it turned out to be a four-song EP, Lucky Star. Hey, who’s going to complain about new music?

Despite her love of Halloween, Peach Kelli Pop music just feels like summer. She makes bubblegum music that’s bright and shiny. It’s four songs of a little over nine minutes, and I dig it. Every song is strong. What’s notable, though, is that this may be her most-polished music yet. Or, at the very least, her modern-sounding album. Back in the day, it almost felt like she was filtering her sound to make it seem like it was playing from tinny car speakers in the 1960s. Maybe she did. That doesn’t seem to be part of the Peach Kelli Pop sound anymore. In a way, I miss that. Part of why I liked listening to her was because she delivered something different. Now, she’s just making indie pop. You might even say it isn’t lo-fi anymore. Lucky Star isn’t propulsive, but it sounds great and is maybe even a little more lyrically complex, but remaining simple in that throwback pop way.

While I wish I could have gotten a full album from Peach Kelli Pop in 2020, and that it had arrived at the dawn of summer, Lucky Star is still a delightful listen. It can be my bit of summer when the weather starts to get grim.

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