How to select the best Wedding March In Songs for your Wedding

When it comes to planning for a wedding, it will be one of the biggest headaches that you will have. To start, you are most likely inexperienced, and your marriage will hopefully be the last time you need to play for in your lifetime. You could get aa live wedding band Singapore company also to let us first give you some planning advice!

There are many things to plan for your wedding. Some of the items include choosing the right photographer to match with your style and choosing an excellent videographer to capture the memorable moments at your wedding. Doing so also consists of the food that you serve to guests. Adding on to your wedding bridal gown, and many more to add on to your headaches.

One of the most important things about wedding planning which many people miss out is planning the right entertainment. Some may want to engage magicians for their wedding, and some may encounter clowns or jugglers. While we feel that they are great entertainers, in our opinion, nothing beats having a grand wedding live band performing at your once in a lifetime wedding ceremony.

Having a live wedding band performing your favourite love songs at your wedding is one of the best decisions you can make. Some of this includes memorable songs that remind you of certain life events and others on getting your guests down to the dance floor to dance together with the musicians.

One more reason for getting a live wedding band is that they can do a great job at singing for your favourite wedding march in songs. For all that is said, this is the part many people do not realize – It is essential for their wedding.

Choosing the right wedding songs for your march in is crucial when it comes to wedding planning. It sets the mood for the right kind of atmosphere throughout the night, and it brings people to the attention of the couple. When we think about wedding march in songs, what do we think about? Do we feel that they are glamourous songs that will make the wedding live band Singapore company will be playing? If your answer is yes, you are partly correct.

Some may flock to getting a wedding live band Singapore company to settle everything for them. But the decision on which March in songs to do still lies with you, and you need to make an informed decision on this!

If you are searching google on how to select the best wedding march in songs for your upcoming wedding, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of reasons on how you should choose the right wedding songs for your march in, making your wedding a very memorable event in your life. Doing so can be further notable if you have a live wedding band Singapore company!

Sit back, take a pen and paper, and be sure to take some notes on this, because we believe this will be very beneficial for you!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1) Do your research on Google by searching Top 25 Best Wedding March In Songs in Singapore

There are many search engines out there. But Google is now rated as the number one search engine in the world. When you are searching for your best wedding march in songs, be sure to check out what is there to offer.

When you type in your search, you will see many blogs coming out to share some of the top wedding marches in songs. Now you know that you have got much help out there. From the entire list of songs, start by shortlisting your favourite ten songs, and slowly narrowing it down to a lower number.

Technology has improved a lot. Thus, it is one of the many ways to search for the recommended march in songs easily. With the ease of search at your fingertips, what reasons do you have for not doing proper research?

2) Think of a wedding song that holds special significance to you

There are over a million wedding love songs out there, and it begs the question on which song should you choose for your march in for your wedding. How are you going to search for a piece that fits the best in your marriage? There is a pool of songs out there!

One straightforward way is you can think of certain memorable events during your relationship. Take, for example when you first started dating, and you went to the first eatery, do you remember what songs did you hear over their music playing system?

A better one is when you watched the first movie with your partner after you got together, what was the theme song of that movie? If you don’t remember what the first movie you caught together was, you deserve a spank! How can you forget such an important event? Haha.

So the catch is you need to think of a wedding song that holds special significance to select for your ideal wedding march in pieces. Doing so will certainly help when you are planning for the longest walk of your life when you are walking down the aisle.

Isn’t this stressful? Don’t worry. We got you!

If it’s too stressful, engage a professional wedding live band Singapore company. They will give you valuable advice on what to do with this.

3) Think of the style of the music that you prefer – Soft Slow Ballad or Upbeat Dance

In our years of performing for weddings, most of our couples choose to have their wedding march ins to be slow ballads. While this may look like a quiet, intimate setting that fits a friendly wedding setting, we feel this is boring. Dead lyrics are over-used, and almost all weddings we do uses slow ballads to form the base of it.

There are however a minority of weddings where we have our couples choosing fast-paced, upbeat songs for their wedding march in pieces. These include songs like Marry Me by Bruno Mars, and for a rocker feel, we even had a request to do Bon Jovi’s – Its My Life. Aren’t they crazy to do this at their march in songs with their wedding live band Singapore company?

The answer is no.

Sof,t slow ballads like Can’t Help Falling In Love are overrated and overused. Most of the people we meet tend to choose songs like these, and they are getting boring. But well, the decision still lies with you as it is your wedding.

If you happen to have engaged a live wedding band Singapore company for your wedding, you will be sure that a fast, upbeat march in the song does best with it!

Most important of all, you must choose a style of music that suits your wedding and your preference. Although I would prefer a more positive manner, if you are not comfortable with it, you should not choose it. Don’t do it because you read this article. Do it because you want it!

It is, after all, your wedding, and you need to be happy!


As mentioned at the start, when it comes to wedding planning, it will be a massive headache for many people. Doing so is the first, and hopefully the last time you will be planning for your wedding. There are many things you are unsure of, and the items are uncertain of the most is your wedding song choices.

Getting the right wedding march in songs will help in making your wedding memorable. It will make your wedding one that your guests will never forget and will go home singing praises to you.

One additional tip on how to make your wedding memorable is to engage a wedding live band Singapore company. If you have not had a clue what it is, it is a company that supplies live wedding bands to couples who are getting married.

One of the best companies we would recommend is this company called Musical Touch. They are a professional team of musicians who are in Singapore, and they are some of the best and finest musicians around.

When searching for a great wedding live band, do remember to check out their reviews online, and do ensure they are verified reviews. For Musical Touch, they have hundreds of google 5-star reviews, to begin with, and they have been in the industry for the last eight years, supplying live bands for couples.

Lastly, having a wedding live band to sing for your wedding march in a song will improve the overall flavour and texture of the music. The reasons for this is because someone is singing this live, leopard to you playing this song for a streaming device like Spotify.

We certainly do hope that this article has helped you one way or another by knowing how to select your wedding march in songs.

Remember, if you have just a little more budget to spare, do remember to engage a live wedding band for your wedding. It will spice up your night!

That is all from us, and we wish you all the best in planning for your ideal wedding that is coming up.

Do remember what we said, and we wish you a blissful marriage!

Take care!

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