Health Influencer Salaman Rasoli Aims To Spread The Importance Of Physical Fitness!

Salaman Rasoli, BS in Cellular & Molecular Biology believes in fitness a lot. Rasoli wants people to be serious about their health and not take it for granted. Currently, he is in the second year and is a PA student of Pediatric Cardio-Thoracic surgery. He uses his social media to spread the importance of exercise and living fit and fine.

There are beauty and fashion influencers everywhere. But it’s rare to find a health influencer who is honest and helps their followers with questions related to fitness. Salaman Rasoli uses his Instagram page to create and spread awareness regarding the same.

His followers know him as ‘salamancode’ on social media. Salaman Rasoli keeps them updated about different kinds of work out and tips to make their immunity stronger. He said that today, everyone is living a fast life. Hence, many don’t take good care of their health. Sadly, that will hurt them in the long-run. So it is crucial for people to look after their physical health.

The Health Influencer said that one can take medicines, botox treatment or use short cuts, but life will only be healthy with proper workout and good diet. That’s exactly what he wants people to understand and not take their bodies for granted. Salaman believes that a happy and healthy body also impacts a person’s mental wellbeing. If one doesn’t love their body enough to take good care of it, how will they be happy? Working hard on one’s physical fitness is the only way to live a healthy life ahead.

Along with making people realise the importance of physical fitness, Salaman Rasoli looks after his health too. He takes out time off his busy schedule and works out and does exercise. Salaman also follows the apt diet suiting his body type. He wishes the world to be physically and mentally healthy.

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