Baremetal Servers: Maximized Performance And Data Privacy

Companies and businesses that work with a large amount of data and information often struggle with its proper and efficient management. To help the daily functioning of such companies, many IT firms offer their specialized services. One of these highly useful services is cloud computing services like virtual machines and baremetal servers.

What is meant by the term bare metal server?

Bare metal servers (also commonly known as dedicated servers) are simply a type of cloud computing service provided by IT firms. They’re physical machines that individuals and businesses can rent for their single-use. They’re popular and useful because they are designed to serve a single tenant or customer. They are not shared between users like other cloud services. 

These non-shared physical machines can be regarded as personalized supercomputers for a better understanding. They do not work with hypervisors, and that is what makes them single-tenant systems.

Understanding hypervisor

A hypervisor is a software program used on computers to maximize their resource utilization. In consequence, the same machine is made able to produce more results with this single software.

The principle on which a hypervisor works is quite simple in theory. Usually, a computer is designed to work with a single operating system. In such situations, the resources that are not being actively used by the operating system sit idle and do nothing. This incurs wastage of resources. A hypervisor program resolves this wastage of resources by enabling more than one operating system to work side by side. 

Thus optimizing the resources, the computer has to offer to the highest. It results in more productivity from the same computer setup.

Why are bare metal servers recommended?

  • Privacy: The first and foremost reason is clearly, privacy. As discussed earlier, the lack of a hypervisor allows bare-metal servers to be dedicated to a single person who is renting them. Or in the cases of institutions and start-ups, dedicated to the respected organization. That is the reason they are also known as fast dedicated servers.
  • Performance: The single-tenant dedication results in increased productivity and a maximized performance of the servers.
  • Flexibility: the fast dedicated servers can be customized to fit the businesses’ requirements choosing the service. Clients can choose a plan tailor-made for their situation and data load. 
  • Multiple options for billing and bandwidth selection: In addition to the flexibility in terms of CPU power requirement etc. The bare-metal cloud services also boast of flexible bandwidth selection and billing plans. According to the resources needed, the companies can choose bandwidth of up to 20 terabytes. Billing plans can be selected from hourly, monthly, and long term plans (reserved billing).

As the number of data increases, so does the task of the machines responsible for data handling and processing. Hence bare metal servers and virtual machines have become an indispensable part of businesses, start-ups, and even some individuals. With more resources available at their disposal, organizations can focus on expansion and increase their total productivity earning larger profit margins.

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