An Ode To “Monster Mash”

Shout out to Bobby “Boris” Pickett. The dude is an eternal legend. You know him, and his backing band “The Crypt-Kickers.” Bobby Pickett is the man behind “Monster Mash.” Right on the Genius page for the song it is called “Quite possibly the greatest Halloween jam ever recorded.” Yes, I went to the Genius page for “Monster Mash.” Why would I not? I’m here to write about it, because it’s Halloween week, and you can’t talk Halloween and music and not mention Pickett’s career making song.

Are there other Halloween songs? There are spooky songs, horror songs, murder ballads, and what have you. If you are putting together a Halloween playlist, you are probably throwing some “I Put a Spell on You” on there, maybe “Werewolves of London” or something. However, to me “Monster Mash” is the one true Halloween song akin to the Christmas songs. It is quintessential to the holiday. It’s the one song I hear and think, “Oh yeah, this is a Halloween song.” We don’t have a Thanksgiving song, an Easter song, or even really a St. Patrick’s Day song. We have a Halloween song, though, and it comes from a dude who decided to do a Boris Karloff imitation and put together a spooky little ditty.

Of course, there’s nothing spooky about “Monster Mash.” It’s a silly song. It’s about a bunch of monsters having a party. It’s about a man who was working in the lab late one night. Also, the “Monster Mash” seems to be about a song and/or a dance called “Monster Mash.” And yet, there is no dance attributed to the song. Like, when you hear “The Twist” or “The Hustle” people are doing the Twist and the Hustle. Nobody ever done the Monster Mash, but we should! We really should.

Is “Monster Mash” a good song? It’s not bad. It’s catchy and silly fun. I mean, are any of the Christmas songs good? Maybe a couple. They just put you in the spirit of the season. “Monster Mash” does the same thing. Look, if I’m having a party, do I want to be playing “Halloween” by Phoebe Bridgers? Only if I want to make everybody sad. Who complains about “Monster Mash,” though? I hear it’s a graveyard smash. So thank you, Bobby “Boris” Pickett. Thank you, The Crypt-Kickers. You did indeed, do the Mash.

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