SoCal-based band We the Commas show off their incredible range in their independently released debut EP SARB out now. Need a feel-good vibe that transports you to the beach? Press play on Sherry or Custom Made.” Feeling like nothing is going your way and need a boost? Watch the Mad Max-inspired video for “Pissed Off” to find your escape. Want your R&B fix? Check out those vocal runs on “Sherry,” “Too Long,” and “All The Best.” No matter the track, We the Commas has something for everyone and any mood. Along with 3 new tracks on the EP, the trio share the ‘90s-esque, Full House-inspired video for new single I Will” that’s sure to put a smile on your face during these trying times. 

Together the band of brothers Cam (18), Jordy (19), and Lenny Comma (23) coined the term SARB (aka Surf Alternative R&B) to describe their unique sound. Their SARB sound and style has since been applauded by the likes of Young the Giant, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Pink Sweat$, among others. Inspired by the warm sand and the inviting waves they cherish, the trio’s music encapsulates their stories as Black men living on the coast of San Diego. Lenny Comma explains, “We’ve been trying to figure out what genre to classify our music but it didn’t fit into just one space and nothing seemed right. We realized our music is its own kind of thing…”

“Pissed Off” – a clear sonic departure from the other tracks on the EP – combines bonafide lyrics with a commanding melody and electrifying guitar riffs. Trading in the soothing harmonies and chill vibes found in “Custom Made” and “Sherry” that make up SARB, the trio continues to separate themselves from the rest with their outstanding versatility. The story behind “Pissed Off” originates from Lenny’s college years, where he felt lost on the road towards his life’s destination and felt pressure to choose a career path. In turn Lenny put pen to paper and channeled his confusion and frustration into song. He notes, “I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I changed my major four times and I felt aimless. I finally had enough, and had to get my anger out because I was tired of feeling like a failure and I felt like no one understood me.” While the specifics of the situation may vary, the core tale of sullenly navigating the unknown is one we can all identify with, and so the band felt it was important to include this track in their debut offering. Cam relates to this same sentiment and states, “‘Pissed Off’ reflects a time in my life where I was really struggling to find fulfillment and happiness. I found myself trapped in a dark place that felt more lonely than ever. This song is a way to express and release all that negative energy. There is something so powerful about the rawness and vulnerability we all share in this song.”

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