StraightUpGrowth Continues to Grow Brands into Market Leaders

When a consumer finds themselves in need of a product, 90 percent of the time they will turn online. No matter what the item, it’s very likely that this will be available on the internet and remove the need for in-person shopping. Not only this, but an even stronger likelihood is that this will be available on Amazon. Amazon surpassed Google as the leader for all new online product searches. More than 65% of online product searches start on The multinational e-commerce company has an ever-growing monopoly as a global online sales place and one that every brand should be taking advantage of.

Many brands will seize the opportunity to sell on Amazon rather than rely on direct traffic to their own website’s sales page. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every brand taps into their full potential for maximum sales. There are numerous factors to consider to ensure a brand is actually being seen by buyers and not buried under hundreds of other similar products.

Specialist Amazon growth agency StraightUpGrowth takes brands that have completed the initial steps and turn them into market leaders. With services ranging from Amazon advertising, sponsored posts, ad campaigns, search engine optimization, Google ads, and more, their job is to organize the nitty-gritty details and cover all bases to give brands the best chance at Amazon success.

Customers have praised the top-tier service for going above and beyond, “leaving no stone unturned” and keeping in contact every day. Dog toy company Bullibone raved about the company for helping them grow their Amazon sales to all-time highs at a “critical time” for the business. Other clients have applauded their hands-on, meticulous approach to the complex details.

One of StraightUpGrowth’s most valuable assets is team member and Amazon growth expert Daniel Tejada, who’s taken brands from $12,000 to $1M a month in just 12 months. The whole team’s unique approach to the platform is incredibly innovative and a large factor in what drives their results. CEO Evan J. Kesner explains that they don’t think of Amazon as a marketplace. “We think of Amazon as a search engine, the largest product search engine in the world,” he says.

Kesner himself brings expert knowledge from his first-hand experience, after his first business went from zero to $1.5 million in about 14 months of driving personalization, powered by artificial intelligence.

At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has driven Amazon sales to unprecedented levels, their small but mighty team gives 100 percent to every client and takes brands that were once just a drop in the ocean of competitors, and turns them into market leaders.

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