SammyGift cake review:The best online cake ordering in Beijing

Since my girlfriend graduated and went back to Beijing, Her birthday coincides with this period, so for the first time I had to buy her a birthday cake online, I couldn’t find a suitable trustworthy online store at first, but then I read reviews online and saw that had a great ratings and reviews.They say it have the best Beijing cake delivery service.

So I googled the store, this website is very concise, and you can see the reviews of others after purchasing on this website, basically the online reviews for this store were positive and I started to alleviate a bit of my doubts, I tried to talk to their customer service and surprisingly, their customer service was very kind and went into detail about my needs and gave me some advices. and soon I had my cake picked out.

I chose this cake Durian Melaleuca, at first a bit hesitant, afraid of what problems in the shipping process affect the shopping experience, but after my girlfriend receiving the cake I think my fears are unnecessary ~ ~.

The first and foremost point to emphasize the delivery service is really superb, It only took less than two hours to deliver it to my girlfriend, the ice bag actually only melted a little bit, after opening the ice cold, strong a durian flavor came out, quickly open the mouth to eat. In summary, the durian lasagna is super tasty and affordable, it has three layers of durian, which is super satisfying for those who want to eat durian and want to eat cake, next time if your girlfriend in China wants to eat durian and cake again, you must come this shop to buy this cake.>>>Link is here.

Secondly, durian quantity is very sufficient,durian cake the same price in our side can only be more than 400 grams feel this good value ah.As for the taste, my girlfriend, who is a heavy durian lover, said this was delicious,lol.This experience has really exceeded my expectations!Next time if I can’t be with my girlfriend on her birthday or other holidays, I’ll definitely order a cake from SammyGift, by the way, their flowers look great and the reviews are good, so I’ll definitely try it sometime.

Thank you Sammygift for surprising my girlfriend during my absence,I hope your website becomes more and more famous. For those of us who are not in China and want to give gifts to our family, friends, and lovers in China, You guys really helped us a lot, and with your help we were able to continue to grow emotionally during the epidemic.

<the sammygift link is here>

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