Rising Voice in the Wellness Industry Meghan Rose

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Spiritual Advisor and wellness expert Meghan Rose had a modest but loyal clientele who would rely on her for regular Tarot card readings. Now, against the odds and still battling the weight of a global crisis, Meghan has managed to triple her business and expand her services overseas after weathering the COVID storm.

“I remember going into the news of COVID and city-wide shutdowns back in March with fear,” she explains. “Somewhere, buried underneath all of the chaos and unknown was a deep inner knowing that the pandemic was happening in divine timing.”

The Los-Angeles based Tarot card reader had just left her stable source of income as a meditation studio manager when she decided to go full-time into reading and healings. While she was still learning how to navigate as an entrepreneur, she was now facing the daunting prospect that she wouldn’t even be able to meet clients in person.

Meghan established herself as a rising star in the wellness industry, boasting skills that are so effective, she’s even provided Tarot readings for Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford among other high-profile clientele. By adapting her business model and offering services online, she’s seen her follower count more than triple since the beginning of the pandemic, also receiving interest from brands like Gorjana and Sugarbear Hair. Her work has resonated with people all over the world from countries like Kuwait, Belgium, and Australia.

While she admits that there is a strange sense of guilt around her growth while so many businesses continue to fight for survival, she’s comforted by the fact that she is helping people with her work. “We all have a role to play when we’re faced with hardship; my role seems to be as a listening ear, a point of encouragement, and a source of love for all people,” she explains. “With my sessions, each person receives a uniquely tailored healing experience that puts them as their own first priority – something most people avoid, or at a bare minimum, struggle with.”

By adapting to the new world of online business, she was unknowingly opening up spiritual opportunities to people who may have never considered it before. The initial lockdown was a period of deep rest and reassessment for many people, which motivated some to pursue new methods of health and spiritual wellness. By changing her website to reflect her new online presence, this was an inviting first step to people who maybe would have found in-person readings to be daunting.

“My belief is that this time of slowing down and reflecting has allowed us to see how necessary it is for spiritual health,” she explains. “Tarot allows you to rewire that thought process; slow down, be present, figure out what you truly want”. For those who aren’t sold on the idea of Tarot, she has seen exponential growth in her Spiritual Advisory program- her custom 1-on-1 weekly sessions rooted in mindfulness. The ALIGN Spiritual Advisory program allows her training as a Reiki energy healer, Meditation guide, and Intuitive Tarot reader to be used at the client’s discretion, again showing her adaptability and “client first” focus in a time of uncertainty and added stress.

As Meghan continues to see her business grow beyond what she could have imagined possible this year, she’s definitely one to watch in the wellness industry.

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