YouTube has always been part of our lives ever since it started offering its accessible services worldwide being a medium that allows people to share their knowledge and talents. Thanks to the advancement of our technology and internet, anyone can now upload or share their videos on one of the most popular video distribution platforms across the globe.

Anyone now can have an access to a live video streaming as long as you have the resources needed like computer, laptop, or mobile device and of course a stable internet connection which could also be a burden to others who do not have enough resources. Most of the videos in YouTube are free however, there are some videos that need payment or are restricted due to its sensitive contents which still need some permission pr verification.

Nevertheless, YouTube gives a lot of effects to different people either positive or negative depending on how they use it. Here are some of the positive effects YouTube can give to its users:

  • YouTube can be a source of a lot of information which can help us with our daily living. Students for example use YouTube for research purposes on some topics at school since it provides factual information especially about History. It also has a lot of video tutorials which are beneficial to students who are struggling with Math or Physics. You can look for video lessons that will teach you the whole process in solving the equation. You can also practice your English speaking or grammar skills since there are a lot of Teachers worldwide that offers free lessons.
  • YouTube is a great source of entertainment online. If you are bored and you are looking for something to kill your time then YouTube is the way. If you love music then you can choose different songs with different versions. If you love to dance then there are a lot of dance videos also available with step-by-step tutorial. For gamers, you can also watch live gameplays or even replays to learn and hone your skills. You can also watch some of your favorite movies or TV series on YouTube for free.
  • YouTube gives career growth and opportunities to people. It is now a source of income for YouTubers or YouTube content creators because views can be converted into cash. A single view has a corresponding amount hence more views means more income. That is why a lot of YouTubers also plug their YouTube page on their social media accounts to attract more subscribers and viewers. Some are even looking for legit sites in which they can buy fast YouTube views in order to expand their platform.
  • YouTube makes your life convenient because you do not need to spend a lot of money to perform simple tasks. It has a lot of DIY tutorials where you can just follow step-by-step on how to repair or to make something by your own. For example, if you want to cook something but you don’t have a recipe book then you can just browse YouTube wherein there are also other choices which teaches simpler ways.

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